by Rowan Gavin

It’s been a great year for music in East Anglia’s Finest City. If you’re a gig-goer, you’ll no doubt have come across some of the many up-and-coming Norwich and Norfolk musicians breathing new life into the local scene these last few months. Here, in no particular order, I’d like to present five of the local acts that have most impressed, entranced, and inspired me in 2018.Continue Reading


by Jess Howard

‘Are you with the band?’ Shamefully, this was my opening line of conversation to a member of Tibetan Night Terrors, at a blogging event at The Birdcage last week. This was to Liam Thetford, conga player, and newest addition to the group. Tibetan Night Terrors are a five piece from Norwich and, as it is a rarity for me to encounter conga players in my day to day life, I decided to stay for their set.

Five days and a pair of promotional Lola Lo’s sunglasses later, I attended their second gig of the week. Listening to them support Das Fenster and the Alibis at Epic. Being more of a live-music-watching than clubbing sort of girl, I’ve seen quite a few bands play in the city. Tibetan Night Terrors are however, as the name probably suggests, quite extraordinary.Continue Reading