by Phil Di Palma, Norwich Green Party

There has been widespread Labour Party outrage since 9th May,  when the four Green councillors on Norfolk County Council (Norfolk CC) made public their decision — agreed in April after many months of discussion — to no longer support Labour’s George Nobbs, leader of a so-called “Rainbow Alliance” of Labour, Lib Dem and UKIP councillors since 2013. Two recent pieces in the Norwich Radical, by Josh Wilson and Hannah Rose, discuss this issue and the Greens’ role in a “Left Alliance”. Here, I will answer the questions “how can the Green Party justify withdrawing support for a party of the left”, and “has their decision resulted in a ‘new order’ at Norfolk CC?”.Continue Reading


by Jack Brindelli

On Monday the 20th of July the Norfolk County Council will meet for their Policy and Resources committee to begin working towards the forecast cuts of £169million to local services. It is a shameful capitulation to the national austerity policies that are destroying People’s lives across the United Kingdom.

Hardly inspired by Norfolk’s proud history of doing different, and fighting against tyranny and inequality for a better life, the grand scheme of the County Council’s much heralded ‘rainbow coalition’ to outfox the Tories, who council leader and Labour stalwart George Hobbs & Co went to such great lengths to keep out of local power, is to out-cut them. The ‘downsizing’ of public services is actually shaping up to be £50million more than even the criminal demands of the Conservative government, in order to buy the Council ‘breathing room’. I assume this cheery phrase used in this gloomy context is meant in the same way that Russian scientists famously kept a dog’s head ‘alive’ for a period of time with machinery — we may well live, but not well.Continue Reading