by Alice Thomson

Life is hard. For everyone. We’re all trying to find some meaning to our lives, trying to figure out where we belong and what our purpose is. Amongst that, we see what is going on the world, either connected to us or globally. Our environment can be tough to digest.

My last article was about the cuts the government is in the process of implementing to benefits for disabled people. I spent a lot of time researching the article and it really brought me down. I already knew it was a problem and needed to be spoken about, bknowledge,ut to learn the extent of the issue and read personal experiences, made me feel hopeless. The news can easily do that. Making it difficult, not only to take control and make positive changes to our environment, but to make those changes for ourselves. It’s a trick that’s as old as the book. Since the time people were able to establish a hierarchy, those on top kept everyone else in the dark to keep them in their place. Knowledge is power. Muddy the water of knowledge, and we disengage and disenfranchise the masses.Continue Reading


By Zoe Harding

Content warning: mental health, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety disorder, suicide.

This article is not written in the Radical’s usual style, with all the froth and fury about parts of society that might be ‘broken’ or ‘harmful’ or ‘dog-fucked beyond human comprehension by a swarm of grey-suited sociopaths inexplicably elected by a suicidal electorate’. There will be no solutions, no imprecations, no lights shone into dark places because everything’s fine.Continue Reading



by Matilda Carter

The buzzword in politics at the moment, or at least one of them, seems to be mental health. Mental health must be treated as just as important as physical health, say the Lib Dems, we are all victims of mental health problems say Labour and the stigma of mental health must be removed say the Conservatives. It is welcome that, this week, the Conservative government have pledged to increase funding for mental health services, even though the combined effect of government measures over the last six years on people with mental health issues is somewhat less than perfect. Terrible even.

Still, this is a good time if you, like me, suffer from mental health conditions which you previously felt were bars to a social and professional life. Unfortunately, the huge expansion in understanding of mental health issues has led to the emergence of a counterproductive and deeply problematic movement against the use of medication. These are people who see mental health issues as natural and see medicating as an attempt to destroy the uniqueness of people suffering from mental health conditions. Presumably this is because all of their information on mental health conditions comes from watching House and Rain Man.Continue Reading