by Stu Lucy

Professional sport is possibly one of the most challenging and competitive ways to earn a living these days. With national fame and glory as rewards, many dream of representing their country on the international stage and bringing home a medal, earning their place in their country’s sporting history. Imagine then that you were one of the lucky few that made it to the top, that had that chance to take gold and did so, multiple times, earning a revered reputation in the field as the one to beat, then imagine you were told it could all be taken away because you were too much like the opposite sex. Where would you start?!Continue Reading


by Zoe Harding

On the same night Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best? aired (Thursday 12th), an apparently rather excellent documentary named Hospital exposed the difficult conditions under which the modern NHS works, bringing it to the attention of the nation that if you get sick and go to an NHS hospital, you’ll be treated by a doctor who’s working shifts more commonly seen in 19th-century coal mines while the Prime Minister calls them lazy. It was quite good. The subjects of Hospital (doctors) seem to have loved it. No such luck for the subjects of BBC2’s other documentary that night, however. Continue Reading



by Matilda Carter

So my seemingly flawless plan to game the system and get access to hormones early has completely backfired. When I first went to see my GP about transition, she informed me that it could be up to two years before I’d get an appointment with a counsellor and from there perhaps an additional two years before I’d get access to hormones. Nervous about transferring universities and wanting to begin hormone therapy before I graduated, I realised I could get my diagnosis privately and then get the hormones on the NHS. Though it was a high upfront cost, since then I’ve been managing to keep up with the costs of the bi-yearly consultations and was about ready to ask if I could get a referral from my private consultant to the NHS for SRS.

This is where the whole thing fell apart.

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