Sara Harrington

Arts section contributor

Cutting her teeth designing posters in the DIY Punk scene and playing in a multitude of ‘just ok’ bands, Sara is a Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer living in Norwich. Graduated from Norwich University of the Arts with a degree in Illustration. She plays trumpet in the ska punk band ‘Faintest Idea’ who she regularly tours with alongside running ‘Bee Friendly’ workshops throughout the year. Staunchly pro-dog, particularly the crusty kinds. You can find Sara on Instagram and Twitter.


(17.04.17) – Don’t Fucking Touch Me

CW: verbal and sexual assault

Part of a series exploring women and genderqueer identities within the DIY Punk and Arts scenes. In this installment, Sara Harrington depicts scenes from her own experience playing in a touring ska punk band.

‘Ticket please.’
Trumpet case in hand, I try to enter the venue as my bandmates breeze on by.
‘I’m playing actually.’
This is uttered with an embarrassed air, the knock to my ego glances across my face. Fair enough, I’ve not been in the band long.
‘Oh, who are you with? There’s no guest list.’
‘Sorry, I play trumpet in the band.’
Lifting my trumpet case, I point at it awkwardly. A nod as it’s decided that I pass all requirements necessary to gain free entry to a show I’m playing. I go to join my bandmates as we pile our gear into the backroom and start setting up for sound check.