Samantha Rajasingham


samantha rajasingham nr bio

Samantha is of four countries (Singapore, Canada, France, UK). She has a white cat called Umami and a lot of dark clothes. Her father was a Marxist. She’s not sure how to call herself but does think Marx should be read by everyone.



(04.01.2022) – The Best Reads of 2021

With Ewa Giera and Sarah Edgcumbe

From getting through that ‘to read’ backlog while stuck at home to reciting inspiring extracts at protests and on picket lines, we have read in many ways these past 12 months. As ever, at The Norwich Radical we believe in the written word as a world-changing source of joy, inspiration, education and hope. In this article, three of our contributors come together to share the best things they read in 2021, new and old. Each recommendation comes with a link to buy it direct from the publisher or on (where possible), but we encourage you to use your local bookshop in the first instance if you can. Happy reading!


(06.05.21) – Skating on the East Coast


(23.03.21) – I Am Mine


(17.03.21) – Is This Democracy?


(15.03.21) – Parasite

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