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Mollie seems to be a scientist trapped in a humanities soul: although she wanted to be a mortician or psychiatrist when she grew up, she became a cultural historian. She is an author, researcher, and developmental editor. If she was a whisky, she would be a type of Laphroaig. In her spare time (when it exists), she writes fiction, likes to see plays, goes for walks and runs, and tries to pet all the outdoor cats she finds.


(21.05.19) – It Happened

CW: miscarriage, bleeding

Hard as I try, it’s difficult to rewatch David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor without smelling blood.

It’s not his fault. But in a bid to restore a sense of normalcy to the fact that I was miscarrying and just realized I’d been pregnant because of the miscarriage itself, I threw on The Doctor for familiar noise. It happened to be Ten’s era.

Close contenders for comfort media were The Thick of It, The Twilight Zone, and Sunset Boulevard. I like seeing Julius Nicholson squirm. Wickwire providing unwitting astronauts with “eternifying fluid” intrigues me. And Norma Desmond is always a good distraction.