Lesley Grahame

Lesley Grahame is currently a Green Party councillor for Thorpe Hamlet Ward on Norwich City Council. She was first elected in 2009, and re-elected in 2014. Lesley currently works as a Community Nurse and is a member of Unison and has for many years been involved in peace and social justice campaigns. Lesley is standing for the constituency of Norwich South.


(12.10.15) – Just In Case You Were Wondering, Corbyn Is Not A Green.

As Caroline Lucas so eloquently put it, “Climate change is not just another issue that we add to a list of policy areas, it’s the lens through which we see everything, and there is no evidence yet, that that kind of understanding is in Jeremy or indeed the rest of the Labour Party”. The election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party is something that offers hope to all of us who oppose the neoliberal religion and the brutality of the current government. But even if Corbyn can help break the consensus over austerity, he is both unable and unwilling to promote true ecological sustainability, something at the core of all Green policy.


(11.03.15) – A Green View on Migration: Views of Norwich South Candidate Lesley Grahame #4

‘People who ‘get on their bikes’, as Conservative politicians advise, do so for many reasons — some life-threatening, some ‘merely’ economic. All but the wealthiest of them are among vulnerable groups that can become scapegoats when governments need to divert attention from their failures. Migrants should not be blamed for a country’s woes as they are people simply seeking a better life and do not deserve to be demonised.’


(02.02.15) – Education is a Life-Long Process: Views of Norwich South Candidate Lesley Grahame #3

‘At its best, Education is a lifelong, joyful, process, that equips each person to live well and take part in society.  It develops our capacity and enables us to put it to good use, for our own and the common good.’


(07.01.15) – Climate Change: Views of Norwich South Candidate Lesley Grahame #2

‘Addressing Climate Change is a necessary part of social justice, not an optional extra for after the revolution, or the repayment of the national debt.  It is the most grave of environmental threats, and the most vital of economic opportunities.  Capitalism requires permanent growth of any kind, at any cost to anyone.’


(19.12.14) – A Greener, Fairer Norwich: Views of Norwich South Candidate Lesley Grahame #1

‘Norwich is a fine, radical city, with a long history of voting progressively. That is one of the many reasons why we have 15 Greens on City Council, and 4 on the County Council.’


(20.11.14) – Remembrance: Red for Sorrow, White for Hope.

‘Remembrance is a solemn, and moving national event. Even more so this year as we look back on 100 years of wars since the beginning of the war to end all wars. I wear my red poppy with sorrow and my white poppy with hope.’


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