Josh Clare

Josh Clare – Student section writer


Whilst not really a student himself, Josh knows a bit about them and their lives being Head of Student Engagement at the Union of UEA Students. Before this, Josh was an English student at Newman University, President of Newman SU and a staff member at Anglia Ruskin SU. Josh is in competition with Matilda Carter to be the self-confessed least radical member of the team.


(29.12.15) – Are You Sitting Comfortably? Armchair Activism – A New Year’s Resolution

The thing which I most enjoy about each Christmas since I learnt that there wasn’t a magical man bringing me countless gifts is the time available for reflection. This year as I sit by the open fire of my mother’s house, far too full on turkey next to the sleeping dog there is only one thing that I can think – how luck I am.


(16.02.15) – Building Citizens

‘Universities are the place where the leaders of tomorrow are squashed into being. The people that pass through university doors go on to be the business owners, the entrepreneurs, and the politicians. They go on to be the citizens who, on average at least, are more likely to be those people who shape the lives of many others. So what do these people look like? Well, even I’m not brave enough to try and generalise all students into a homogeneous group but there’s certainly some conversations to be had about the changing ‘average student’’

(19.01.15) – Leaners as Earners – The Student Money Makers

‘Whilst considering what I should write about this week I decided that I must be careful not to make my articles into a series of ponderings. In the spirit of that, I was having a think about students with part time jobs.’

(03.01.15) – Why Every Student’s New Year’s Resolution Should be to Take a Proper Look at Politics


‘I’m going to start this article as you should start every new year; by taking a few minutes to have a look back at the events which transpired. Instead of the traditional twelve month ponder though, let’s think about the past 55-ish months (or 1703 days for you maths fans).It’s just a whistle stop tour of my (patchy) memories but I recall something about university tuition fees going up a bit, the NHS being squeezed, some guy with a pint being on TV a fair bit, the film council and a load of other quangos being cut, Scotland considering leaving the Union, recession, recession, recession, the Olympics, dubious corporate tax arrangements, the London riots and revolution in North Africa. A lot happened in these past 243 weeks.’

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