Jess O’Dwyer

Jess is a Philosophy and Politics undergraduate at UEA. She is passionate about environmentalism, mental health awareness, JRPGs, board games, and (most importantly) cats. Her favourite topics to discuss are the nature of reality and the vital contribution the arts make to society.


(02.12.19) – The Right To Ridicule: Satire As Protest

“There is a political power in laughing at these people.”

So say Led By Donkeys, a “Brexit accountability project” created by four friends who wanted to “[channel] frustration into action and [hold] politicians to account with a bit of humour.” The group go around the country putting up billboards with quotes or Tweets from pro-Brexit politicians, as well as projecting or broadcasting previous interviews on Brexit. This is to show a side-by-side comparison of their changes in stance, highlighting contradiction and hypocrisy.


(11.04.19) – #NotEnough – UEA’s Mental Health Crisis

Going to university is a challenging time. For many it is their first time away from home with full independence. New students are presented with countless opportunities and choices, many of which will shape and change them as people. For people with mental health issues, however, this challenge is often exacerbated.


(07.12.18) – Rebel For Life: An Interview With Extinction Rebellion Norwich

The Earth is our nurturer, inspirer and protector, yet we are actively and consciously driving ourselves towards her (and our) oblivion. Extreme weather is the new normal: we’re chopping down trees faster than we’re planting them and we’re still burning fossil fuels despite the common knowledge that they are damaging to the atmosphere and are causing our own children to struggle to breathe.