Founding Statement

The Norwich Radical is a publication established for the purpose of providing progressive analysis of politics and the arts. We are a broad coalition of activists, writers, students and workers coming from an array of political backgrounds. Since our inception in May 2014, we have published over 1000 articles, contributed to major public debates and assisted in the mobilisation of countless activists within campaigns. While all views expressed are those of the individual author, as a collective, we subscribe to the following values:

  • In organising our society and economy, we ought to prioritise social justice and the equitable distribution of wealth, power and resources among all people above any other objectives.
  • To ensure the longevity and prosperity of humanity, we must strive to build a world free from violence, conflict and warfare. We therefore stand in opposition to the militarisation of society, armed conflict resolution and imperialism.
  • Any attempt to create a more equal world must understand existing oppressions and injustices and their respective cultural, historical and political underpinnings and repercussions. We acknowledge the intersection of various oppressions and work towards the liberation of women, people with disabilities, LGBTIQ+ people, black people and the working class.
  • In order to build the world we want to see, ecological sustainability must be incorporated into our analysis. We are a part of an ecosystem which we are inseparable from and dependent upon.
  • There are many methods through which we can achieve the society we wish to see. Such methods may be taken on an individual or collective level. The written word, art, the ballot box, self and community organisation, protest and direct action are all legitimate means of bringing about social change.

— Cadi Cliff and Chris Jarvis, Norwich Radical Co-Founders



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