David Breakspear

Perspectives section writer

In one form or another, David has been a part of the criminal justice system for nearly 40 years. He does not profess to have all of the answers, but he knows most of the problems and can provide alternative solutions. Prison staff do not, really, wear red coats!


(17.02.18) – From Prison to Podium

Saturday the 10th Feb 2018, a day that I will always remember. I had been invited to speak in relation to prison education and the arts. I was speaking to an audience alongside Jacob Huntley, a lecturer in English literature and creative writing from the UEA. I met Jacob whilst I was a serving prisoner at HMP Norwich. One of my roles at HMP Norwich was as an education mentor and I was told that there would be a new creative writing course starting, which would be facilitated by Jacob. I have always found that penning emotions onto a piece of paper allowed me to free my mind.