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Editorial Team

Cadi Cliff – Norwich Radical co-founder & co-editor

Cadi is a project worker for a charity tackling social exclusion and homelessness in Wales. She is a Global Development Challenges (ODL) postgrad student at Edinburgh and has an English Literature w/Creative Writing degree. She is an activist and photographer. Admits to an (un)healthy obsession with mountains, semicolons, and editing. Has worked overseas in Nepal, Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria. Is known to have restless feet. Tweets at @cadi_cliff.

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Alex Valente – Norwich Radical co-editor

Alex Valente is a half-Tuscan / half-Yorkshire freelance translator, teacher, and writer. He is interested in the translation of comics and poetry, translates comics and poetry, writes about comics and poetry and translation. Which are all instruments of progression, like it or not. May or may not be part robot. He also writes on L’Angolo Polveroso and can be found on Twitter as @DrFumetts.

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Rowan Gavin – Student section editor
AliciaParty - Edited
Rowan is a recent graduate, breaking the surface after a 3-year deep dive into the (mostly) wonderful world of academic philosophy. He is a writer, an activist, a foodie and a nerd. He believes in the beauty of the present, the importance of dancing, good grammar, green politics, eating local, the value of incomprehensible complexity, and the power of a good game.

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Rhiannon Davies – Arts section editor

Rhiannon Davies is currently studying for an MSc in Media, Communications and International Journalism at the University of Glasgow, but graduated with a Humanities degree some years ago. She dabbled in political communications before moving to Istanbul where she worked as Arts & Culture Editor for a magazine and began freelance writing. Driven by a constant urge to travel, she also manages archaeology tours and artist liaison at music festivals around the world. She’s rather keen on swing dancing and experimenting in the kitchen (seldom at the same time).

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Writing Team

Chris Jarvis – Writer and Norwich Radical co-founder

Chris currently works for environment and social justice charity People & Planet. Chris is an writer and activist, still clinging onto the student movement, despite what his age would dictate.

Proudly queer, enthusiastically punk, passionately socialist, vibrantly Green, staunchly teetotal, and reluctantly happy. Co-Editor of The Norwich Radical 2014-2017.

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Asia Patel – Cartoonist
Feminist killjoy who studies pharmacy, draws, and tries to make a difference. Likes Doc Martens, Rubik’s cubes, and racoons. If lost, probably in the library or the pub giggling by herself at cat/dog videos.

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Carmina Masoliver – Arts section writer
carmina-masoliver cropped
Carmina Masoliver is an English Literature graduate from UEA who refuses to cut ties with Norwich. Following graduating, she studied a Creative Entrepreneurship MA at UEA London and now works in East London as an Academic Mentor for English. She runs an event called ‘She Grrrowls’ which features women in the arts. Carmina is a poet whose pamphlet was published in 2014 by Nasty Little Press.

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Sara Harrington – Arts section contributor

Cutting her teeth designing posters in the DIY Punk scene and playing in a multitude of ‘just ok’ bands, Sara is a Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer living in Norwich. Graduated from Norwich University of the Arts with a degree in Illustration. She plays trumpet in the ska punk band ‘Faintest Idea’ who she regularly tours with alongside running ‘Bee Friendly’ workshops throughout the year. Staunchly pro-dog, particularly the crusty kinds. You can find Sara on Instagram and Twitter.

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Eli Lambe – Arts section writer

Eli is an MA student at UEA, and has lived in Norwich for 5 years. They are particularly interested in creative critical approaches to the radical self, and in how speculative fiction challenges the present and envisions the future. They also write and perform confessional poetry, doodle, and cry frequently.

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Sunetra Senior – Perspectives section writer
Sunetra graduated from Warwick University with a MA in English Literature. After spending some time putting together a thesis that felt like she was submitting to the UN, she acquired a taste/developed an addiction to extensive coverage in general, that resulted in her diverse experimentation as a freelancer. In-between bursts of intensive writing, she enjoys frolicking around London to exercise spatial awareness and remind herself of her carbon-based components: fresh air, good quality food and culture at large are all factors that help in this de-robot (icisation) process. She is also partial to film noir and coffee, and all that is unabashedly subversive.

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Alice Thomson – Perspectives section writer
Alice is a dyslexic TEFL teacher who achieved a B.Ed Primary, and always loves a challenge. She now focuses on blogging; writing about chronic illnesses and entertaining stories. She’s a phonetic finding, rampant writing, cat kissing, alliterating anarchist!

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Candice Nembhard – Perspectives section writer
Candice is a English Literature and Creative Writing undergraduate at UEA. She is a published writer and curator/editor for Underpass magazine. With vested interests in race, gender, sexuality, travel and the arts; she can be found hunched over a notebook, writing about it all.

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Jonathan Lee – Perspectives section writer

Jonathan is a Romani activist from Swansea. He works for the European Roma Rights Centre, a Roma-led law organisation based in Budapest which takes racists to court across Europe. He spends a lot of time talking and writing about antigypsyism, to people who don’t want to hear it. Tweets @jon_j_lee

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Gunnar Eigener – Inter|national section writer
Currently working at the University of East Anglia, Gunnar is doing a degree in Environmental Studies while also studying Environmental Journalism. Moving to Norwich a few years ago, he recently stood as a candidate for the Green Party in the General Election and remains active within the party.

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Rob Harding – Inter|national section writer
Rob Harding is a writer/dishwasher from West Sussex, currently living in Norwich. He graduated from the UEA in 2015 and was immediately struck by a crushing sense of fear and confusion at the prospect of the real world, resolving to save enough money to become a pilot and fly away somewhere.

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Stu Lucy – Inter|national section writer

A somewhat experienced and slightly jaded development practitioner taking some time out to study Social and Political Thought at Warwick University. Keen interest in politics and international affairs as well as rock climbing and cheese.

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Yali Banton Heath – Inter|national section writer

Since graduating in International Development from UEA this year, Yali has tried to escape the reality of becoming a graduate by temporarily going to Spain. Her journalistic interests lie in Southeast Asia, human agency, and the flaws of modern development (…  a cynic in critic’s clothing). Yali loves vegetables, plant power, films, dancing, going with the flow, spending as much time in nature as possible, and generally having a laugh.

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Richard McNeil-Willson – Inter|national section writer

Richard McNeil-Willson is a UK Research Council PhD researcher at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, and visiting researcher at Scuola Normale Superiore, Firenze and the University of Aarhus. He specialises in social movements, counter-terror legislation and Middle Eastern politics. Richard spent much of his youth in the deep rural heart of Norfolk.

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Scott Mclaughlan – Inter|national section writer

Originally hailing from Thurston, the jewel in the crown of Suffolk, Scott writes on postcolonial international relations, the historical development of the far right and marxist theory. With many moves in between, he is now based in north London and is a Phd candidate at Birkbeck, University of London.

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Lucy Auger – Student section writer
nr photo
Lucy is a Culture, Literature and Politics student at UEA. Though she holds no official positions, Lucy relentlessly acts as though she does, engaging with any acceptably left-wing campaign she understands and running in every election she can get her hands on.

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Lewis Martin – Student section writer

Lewis is second year UEA but first year Politics and International Relations student who can be found reading Marx, drinking coffee and working out how he’s once again quadruple booked himself. He also works with the UEA young greens, People and Planet, NACHoS and any left wing campus group.

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Alex Powell – Student section writer
Alex is currently studying for a Masters of Law at Birkbeck, University of London. During his time as a student, he has been widely involved in both student politics and activism within the Green Party; he has been involved with campaigns against university service centralisation and the prevent agenda. His academic main interest is the interaction of legal theory and minority rights.

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Laura Potts – Student section writer
Change is Laura’s passion and it controls all she does. As a fine art student at NUA, Laura is aiming to awaken a new consciousness within society to allow progression and positive change. She holds great importance upon conscious living and collectively working against injustices within the society we find ourselves in.

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Bradley Allsop – Student section writer

Bradley is a PhD student at the University of Lincoln focusing on youth political engagement and serves as the Postgraduate Officer at the Students’ Union there. He has been involved in fossil fuel divestment activism and campaigns concerning campus democracy.

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James Anthony – Community section writer
James is a history student at UEA who makes use of his large amounts of free time by getting involved with local politics, watching football, or going to the pub. Lover of Norwich, music, food and travelling, there’s surely no topic he won’t be able to cover.

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3 thoughts on “Regular Team

    • Thank you for your query, Andy. The last three articles from the regular writer in question are part of a mini-series of theirs, born from a recent inter-rail trip, whereby they visited the area. These articles are a response/ coverage of their travel. We wouldn’t classify the number of articles dedicated to this topic as a ‘high content’. As far as we are aware, none of our writers have served under the UN or lived in Bosnia. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


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