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Editorial Team

Alex Valente – Norwich Radical co-editor
alex valente 2020
Alex Valente is a freelance translator, teacher, and writer. He teaches English, Italian, writing, and is constantly looking for time to translate more words. May or may not be part robot. He can be found on Twitter as @DrFumetts.

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Rowan Gavin – Norwich Radical co-editor

Rowan still thinks of himself as a recent graduate, although it’s been several years now. He never did quite escape the gravity of UEA (not that he really tried), and now works there in multiple capacities. He spends his days gaming and dancing and writing and learning a little more than he is forgetting. Maybe.

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Ewa Giera – Arts section editor

Ewa is a Polish writer from Norwich and a recent UEA graduate. Big fan of feminist science fiction, video games and good coffee.

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Freya Buxton – Student section editor


Freya is studying for her undergrad in English Literature and writes regularly for her university’s student newspaper, mostly about the latest university-based stories. She is passionate about supporting education and volunteers with an afterschool homework club for primary school children and a local prison history society. When she isn’t scribbling or reading she enjoys running and sewing, when she remembers.

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Writing Team

Carmina Masoliver – Arts section writer
carmina-masoliver cropped
Carmina Masoliver is an English Literature graduate from UEA who refuses to cut ties with Norwich. Following graduating, she studied a Creative Entrepreneurship MA at UEA London and now works in East London as an Academic Mentor for English. She runs an event called ‘She Grrrowls’ which features women in the arts. Carmina is a poet whose pamphlet was published in 2014 by Nasty Little Press.

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Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya – Arts section writer

ananya wilson norwich radical
Ananya Wilson-Bhattacharya is a graduate of English literature at UEA and a lifelong (aspiring) writer. Her interests include UK and Indian politics, questions of race, intersectional and Marxist feminism and literature by marginalised writers. She also enjoys song-writing with her guitar, playing open mics around Norwich and snacking too often. She tweets @AnanyaWilson.

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Vyvyan René – Arts section writer
molly ellen pearson bio
Vyvyan René is a poet and content producer. She has an MA in Poetry from UEA and her pamphlet HYDRA will be published by Marble Poetry in late 2020. She writes on ecofeminism, climate anxiety and gender embodiment in horror and other genre fiction. You can find her on Instagram as @wearenotnew.

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V. Arun Kumar – Illustrator

Arun is a New Delhi based political illustrator, freelance multimedia journalist, and a member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation. He illustrates under the name of ‘Rebel Politik’. Curious to understand the role of visual communication in political activism, he explores and employs various visual medium (photographs, graphics, cartoons, illustrations, audio-video etc.) for the purpose of agitation propaganda. Sometime can be found backpacking in the hills. He tweets at @rebel_politik and @v_arun1990

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Sunetra Senior – Perspectives section writer
Sunetra graduated from Warwick University with a MA in English Literature. After spending some time putting together a thesis that felt like she was submitting to the UN, she acquired a taste/developed an addiction to extensive coverage in general, that resulted in her diverse experimentation as a freelancer. In-between bursts of intensive writing, she enjoys frolicking around London to exercise spatial awareness and remind herself of her carbon-based components: fresh air, good quality food and culture at large are all factors that help in this de-robot (icisation) process. She is also partial to film noir and coffee, and all that is unabashedly subversive.

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Inter|national Section Writer

Scott writes about Marxist theory, India, urban history and the politics of the far right. He holds a PhD in global politics from Birkbeck, University of London.
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Tesni Clare – Inter|national section writer

Tesni is a Human Geography graduate with an interest in political ecology, indigenous land rights, degrowth, alternative communities, ethnography and storytelling. She comes from the Shire of West Wales and spends her time trying to grow things and trying to ignore her (metaphorical) itchy feet.

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Kasper Hassett – Perspectives and Student sections writer
kasper bio
Kasper is a writer and UEA graduate from London with an interest in working-class and queer liberation and increasing access to education. He also writes fiction and really, really likes Halloween.

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Howard Green – Student and Community sections writer
howard green nr bio
Howard is soon to be studying International Relations BA at the University of Essex. He offers a perspective into the strange world of rural Norfolk but is mostly concerned by much larger international issues.

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Sean Meleady – Community section writer
sean meleady nr bio
Sean Meleady is a political activist and adult education lecturer based in Norfolk. He has experience teaching in the UK, Russia, Italy and Brazil. After studying journalism at News Associates in London, he has written for a number of publications, such as The New European and The South West Londoner, local newspaper the Eastern Daily Press, and more.

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Chris Jarvis – Norwich Radical co-founder

Chris currently works for environment and social justice charity People & Planet. Chris is an writer and activist, still clinging onto the student movement, despite what his age would dictate.

Proudly queer, enthusiastically punk, passionately socialist, vibrantly Green, staunchly teetotal, and reluctantly happy. Co-Editor of The Norwich Radical 2014-2017.

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Cadi Cliff – Norwich Radical co-founder

Cadi is a project development manager for charity in Wales, working with those experiencing homelessness to support them from street to home. Admits to an (un)healthy obsession with mountains, semicolons, and fighting system complexity in the third sector. Has worked overseas in Nepal, Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria. Is known to have restless feet. Co-Editor of The Norwich Radical 2014-2018. Tweets at @cadi_cliff.

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Zoe Harding
Zoe Harding is a writer/dishwasher from West Sussex, currently living in Norwich. They graduated from UEA in 2015 and were immediately struck by a crushing sense of fear and confusion at the prospect of the real world, resolving to save enough money to become a pilot and fly away somewhere.

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Tom McGhie
tom mcghie
Tom McGhie is a recent graduate of English Literature from UEA and now whiles away the time as a part time barman and member of local band ‘Bag of Cans’. Pseudo-journalist, pseudo-musician, pseudo-human (…enjoys long strolls on the beach, etc).

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Jonathan Lee

Jonathan is a Romani activist from Swansea and based in Brussels. He works for the European Roma Rights Centre, a Roma-led law organisation based in Budapest which takes racists to court across Europe. He spends a lot of time talking and writing about antigypsyism, to people who don’t want to hear it. Tweets @jon_j_lee

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Sarah Edgcumbe

Sarah is currently studying MAs in refugee protection and forced migration, and conflict studies and human rights. She considers home to be wherever she has good friends and has many interests which essentially boil down to human rights and resistance movements. Sarah also loves wide expanses of wilderness and dogs.

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Yali Banton Heath

Yali has recently graduated with an MA in Human Rights Law from SOAS, after completing her undergrad degree in International Development at UEA. Her writing and research focus on indigenous resistance, the politics of land, and human rights with a regional focus on Asia, particularly Myanmar.

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Mollie LeVeque
mol in tipsy vegan
Mollie seems to be a scientist trapped in a humanities soul: although she wanted to be a mortician or psychiatrist when she grew up, she became a cultural historian. She is an author, researcher, and developmental editor. If she was a whisky, she would be a type of Laphroaig. In her spare time (when it exists), she writes fiction, likes to see plays, goes for walks and runs, and tries to pet all the outdoor cats she finds.

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Lotty Clare

Lotty is a graduate of International Development and Environment. She’ll rant all day about gender, conflict, political ecology, and indigenous rights. In her spare time she likes to practice yoga, cook, and play ukulele

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4 thoughts on “Regular Team

    • Thank you for your query, Andy. The last three articles from the regular writer in question are part of a mini-series of theirs, born from a recent inter-rail trip, whereby they visited the area. These articles are a response/ coverage of their travel. We wouldn’t classify the number of articles dedicated to this topic as a ‘high content’. As far as we are aware, none of our writers have served under the UN or lived in Bosnia. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


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