Bradley Allsop

Student section writer

Bradley is a PhD student at the University of Lincoln focusing on youth political engagement and serves as the Postgraduate Officer at the Students’ Union there. He has been involved in fossil fuel divestment activism and campaigns concerning campus democracy


(21.04.17) – Taking On The Spectre That Haunts Higher Education

We’ve all seen the headlines – tripled tuition fees, retroactive changes to the student loan book, the nefarious uses of the National Student Survey. Often treated as isolated issues, these policies are in reality the foot soldiers in a war being waged to undermine the very foundations of our universities, twisting them from hallowed halls of challenge and transformation into bland centres for corporate training and indoctrination. This spectre haunts academics, senior managers and even Students’ Unions alike, forcing them all to dance to the mantra of the market, to the profit agenda. This spectre’s name is capitalism.