By David Breakspear

Part two of a three-part series

CW: graphic mentions of sexual harassment, voyeurism, and physical and mental abuse

In the first instalment of this story I chronicled the sworn Affidavit of Corey Donaldson, a former immigrant inmate at a low security prison in Georgia at McRae C.I. Corey provided evidence of industrial-scale prurient crimes targeted at the dignity of immigrants and carried out by Core Civic.

Part One of this story created a celebration online, with such declarations about Donaldson as this from @ALT_uscis: “Just follow this HERO!”, “After barking for over a year, stories of organized sexual abuse against locked up immigrants in private prisons are coming out.”

This week I heard from a second witness who was with Corey as an immigrant inmate in McRae, verifying Corey’s account, in which Corey was segregated from other witnesses of Core Civic’s voyeurism chambers for reporting the crimes upon fellow inmates.

This witness is David Pierre who was recently deported back to Haiti. He recalls Corey Donaldson’s reputation among the inmates:

“Corey Donaldson in my opinion was the type of person that anyone in McRae can count on for just about anything pertaining to inmates’ rights as well as our personal legal affairs. As a matter of fact, when I met Corey, I remember with a few minutes he offered to help me with my legal law work without any hesitation.

Before I met Corey, I had already heard what he had done for us as far as helping us to stand up for our right not to be watched and recorded on camera 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Shortly after I met Corey, the whole Facility was talking about how some guy was seen harassed and rushed into the special housing units (SHU) while being videotaped for complaining about the voyeuristic cameras. Immediately, I knew that it had to be Corey.

In a facility housing over 1500 immigrant inmates where about 80 percent really don’t speak or read English, we were definitely easy targets for abuse. Without having someone from the inside who was unselfish, educated, smart and willing to stand up for us we would suffer greatly.

Corey Donaldson did stand up for us when it was much needed and for him to gone on a 20 day(s) hunger strike just to be rightfully treated was straight bullshit [sic].”

Part One contained inflammatory comments about individuals at Core Civic and Core Civic itself, including the CEO Damon Hininger. Hininger was notified on his personal Twitter account, but he has chosen to double down on his Capone-purposed charity work rather than lance this increasingly infected boil. If such comments were made against the innocent there would be denials backed by contrary evidence. But no such denials are forthcoming, nor contrary evidence, because presumably, innocence is not a factor.

We sought specific comment from the regulatory authorities over Core Civic, those being the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and the BOP (Bureau of Prisons) who had previously heard from Corey themselves with evidence, but went without even a pulse in reply to Corey. No comment relating to Corey’s specific evidence has been permitted from the SEC’s Chairman John J. Nester or the BOP.

Something eerily familiar is happening, something clandestinely reminiscent of an earlier time in history. A shadow broods over this story that pries open Pandora’s Box.

Here’s the thing, Core Civic have a PR department dedicated to answering questions from the media. Anyone can research Core Civics’ history with media comments and see there is a culture of answering questions, even if it is to explain why there is no comment being made. The BOP will not answer specific comments about this case and neither will the SEC. Historically, this is an anomaly. All three have strategic zipped-lips on the same subject, in an alliance to engage the “Cone of Silence” within the quiet of closeted sin.

We have confirmation by Ray Pellecchia at FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) that “the SEC oversees disclosures by publicly listed companies to shareholders”. But such confirmation magnifies the mystery as to why the SEC would choose not to oversee Core Civic’s misleading declarations to shareholders, because contrary to public policies, sexual harassment is apparently inflicted upon immigrants on an industrial scale.

Now that we have another witness, and we know that Core Civic, the SEC and the BOP have triggered a transparent pact to remain awkwardly quiet on the matter, there is only one explanation, just one. The incendiary silence exposes the proverbial dead bodies that Core Civic are trying to keep buried, evidently in cahoots with the SEC and BOP, and what is left is the smoking gun rising above the carcass of the immigrant inmate. Or put another way, Corey’s sworn affidavit of widespread sexual harassment upon Immigrants by Core Civic is true and correct, Core Civic knows it, the SEC knows it, as does the BOP. Nothing can be said against Corey’s testimony, and so nothing is said. Like peering into the silent sun for too long, the longer you look into Corey’s story the harsher the sting becomes.

I understand Core Civic has the right not to speak lest they self-incriminate, as does the SEC and BOP. I also understand that silence in these matters suggests that if words were spoken by this coalition of coordinated secret-keepers, that incrimination would occur. I honour the choice of silence, but there is only one thread of sworn evidence, further validated by a second witness.

What is clear is that when Core Civic thrusts an immigrant into a cage for money, they are brave as wolves, but when that immigrant is released and exposes their crimes, they clam up, turncoat, show their back, and flee upon the well-worn trail of sheep.

That the sexual harassment program at McRae can be classified as experiments is beyond reproach. The effect it had upon thousands of immigrants was to incite shame and humiliation, which does a lot to subdue a prison population in a low security prison, where inmates are considered “short timers” unlikely to ruffle feathers for fear of retaliation: contrived longer sentences with cancellation of good time credits, solitary confinement, or unfavourable deportation hearings.

There is a question that now burns: Why does Core Civic receive SEC and BOP immunity when conducting sexual harassment upon immigrants?

Elon Musk gets fined $40 Million by the SEC for a wayward text, but Core Civic gets a pass for organised sexual harassment experiments upon thousands of men in camps concentrated with immigrants, segregated from US citizens? As far as the SEC is concerned, there is nothing to see here folks, move along. But there is something to see, something eerily familiar, something instructive, something that spooks civilization and haunts conscience, and we will not move along.

How is it possible that since 1985 Core Civic has had twenty-one instances of misconduct resulting in 78.5M in penalties unrelated to the SEC, with more instances pending, but they are fully compliant with SEC regulations? How has Core Civic escaped the notice of the SEC? Why has the NYSE failed to delist Core Civic?

These and more question will be examined in the third and final instalment of this series, coming soon.

Featured image credit: Malik Earnest

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