This week sees the UEA Students Union officer elections 2018 take place at Norwich’s largest educational institution. The Norwich Radical contacted all candidates in the election for comment on why they’re running and what they stand for. This article and the others in the series are intended to offer an insight into the current and future state of the union and of the UEA more broadly.

UEA students can vote in the elections at uea.su/ueavotes until Tuesday March 6th.

The statements of those candidates for the position of Welfare, Community & Diversity officer that responded by the deadline are presented here, unedited, along with their manifestos. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

Amanie Mathurin


I’m Amanie Mathurin, a third year Media & International Development student running for the post of Welfare, Community & Diversity. Intersectionality is at the heart of my campaign because I believe university is shaped by our distinct identities and experiences as individuals. This is why my campaign is centered around creating a campus which is as inclusive as possible.

Some of my priority areas include lobbying the university to implement rent caps for campus accommodation & negotiating rent caps for off campus accommodation through the local council. I will also work towards ensuring an effective, inclusive, intersectional campus wide approach to mental health which incorporates cultural sensitivity & specific focus on liberation groups. The diversification of the curriculum is another important aspect of student life which I hope to improve by equipping course reps to collect ongoing feedback to be presented to their heads of schools. Additionally, I am committed to improving and publicizing procedures for reporting hate crime as well as raising awareness around how we can work together to fight racism, islamophobia and discrimination both on campus and within the wider community. My goal is to continue building a campus where all students feel protected and represented!

Georgina Burchell


Hello, my name is Georgina Burchell, I am a third-year psychology student and I am running to be your next Welfare, Community and Diversity officer. Mental health is a hot topic on campus and alongside working to reduce Student Support Services’ 60 day waiting time I will work to promote well-being and reduce loneliness across campus. I also aim to integrate students into Norwich, having volunteered with vulnerable individuals in the community, I know how engaging with local projects can enhance the student experience. I would therefore promote volunteering opportunities, campaign for safer lighting in student residential areas and promote the good neighbour scheme. No two individuals are the same a fact which is reflected in the diversity of our student body. I therefore want to engage with a range of student groups to celebrate that fact. I will prioritise dedicated and fully-equipped prayer spaces on campus and work with student support groups including UEA Pride and Nightline to ensure they have the facilities they need to continue their fantastic work supporting students. Vote Georgina for welfare! #GeegeforWelfare

Lucy Auger

leaflet to print-1

Hi! I’m Lucy, I’ve been a student campaigner for three years, and I’m running for Welfare, Community and Diversity officer because in that time I’ve seen how appalling the treatment of students at UEA has gotten. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things to love about UEA – but skyrocketing halls rent, 5 week counselling waiting times and the uni’s failure to properly enforce a zero tolerance policy to sexual assault are not among them. From my work on campaigns like Reclaim The Night and UEA Fossil Free, and as a Non-Portfolio officer this past year, I have the experience to work with the SU and make effective demands from the uni to start making change on these issues. With the help of the student body, of course.

For affordable living. For a harassment-free campus. For timely access to counselling and support. #LucyForWelfare

Nightline Bear


As the Nightline Bear, I saw this election as a great opportunity to raise awareness of Nightline and welfare issues on campus. We have achieved a lot in recent times, but there are still significant issues that need addressing and we hope this campaign brings attention to that. As an essential part of the UEA welfare structure Nightline should have a space that allows it to deliver quality confidential service to students effectively and without having to share space with SSS, another vital part of UEA wellbeing. It impacts both services to have to compromise on space.

I have great respect for the Welfare Officer position. A lot of what Nightline has accomplished in recent times would be unachievable without significant assistance from the SU Welfare Officers. All the candidates for this role are excellent welfare advocates, so I hope whoever wins- Bear or human- continues to work with Nightline to bring greater support to UEA students and improve support structures campus-wide.


Featured image credit: UEA SU

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