This week sees the UEA Students Union officer elections 2018 take place at Norwich’s largest educational institution. The Norwich Radical contacted all candidates in the election for comment on why they’re running and what they stand for. This article and the others in the series are intended to offer an insight into the current and future state of the union and of the UEA more broadly.

UEA students can vote in the elections at until Tuesday March 6th.

The statements of those candidates for the two part-time International Students’ officer positions (EU and non-EU) that responded by the deadline are presented here, unedited, along with their manifestos. The manifestos of the candidates who did not respond are presented without comment. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

International Students officer (EU)

Alicia Perez Lopez

[The Norwich Radical was unable to contact this candidate, and they did not submit a manifesto to]

Antonia Stan


I have two main reasons for my interest in the Students’ Union Elections. First is the fact that I am an ambitious EU, Romanian student that enjoys new, challenging activities in order to develop and grow. I seek to never settle in my comfort zone but to always expand it and representing the International Students is definitely a challenging role that takes initiative and meets my aspirations. By being part of it, I aim to be able to offer more to those who need; to inspire people; to make a difference in other people’s lives and to accomplish noble, bold, powerful goals.

Secondly, I can not only develop myself but I can also help others develop by providing solutions to the different problems that might appear or by guiding them to another person or institutions that is more suitable to their needs. On a personal level, I define myself through what I love to do – I love helping people and offering at least a little more happiness in their life. As long as I put all my resources for this, it makes me happy as well.

Borja Martin Simon


International Students officer (non-EU)

Dalal Makhsut

[The Norwich Radical was unable to contact this candidate, and they did not submit a manifesto to]

Matthew Leung Chun Yu


Candidate did not submit a statement to us or a manifesto image to We instead present a screenshot of their text manifesto.

Mohaned Alhasan


My name is Mohaned Alhasan and I’m running to be Re-elected to the international officer (Non-EU) position.

I have been the officer for the last year and have worked with my union to increase the amount of international social nights, international meat free Monday, set focus group to internationalise the food at the SU shop and Global appreciation day to help close the gap between home and international students.

If I’m re-elected I would continue my work to make our campus more internationalised, help to make our union more accessible for international students, increase the number of workshops organised by the union and add the international perspective to campaigns done by other officers.

Sharmaine Cheung



Featured image credit: UEA SU

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