by Hannah Rose


On a blank white envelope was marked the word TRUTH

it was posted to a place called the Ministry of Lies

somewhere in the middle

of a blank white future.


The Ministry of Lies was a tall glass building with black and glinting windows

towering bullishly above the houses where the sleepy people lived

looking out but never inwards

with its half-shut eyes.


The Ministry of Lies coordinated its administrations

dealing with the regular condemnations

that the sleepy people made

of the State and the nation and its various manipulations.


In the blank white future at the Ministry of Lies

the envelope arrived

with a thump so resounding

there was little understanding

of what on earth could be inside.


Something heavy?

Something weighted?

Something dead?


Is Truth archaic, flawed, underrated?


At a long wide desk

in the Ministry of Lies

sat a man with a shock

of brittle yellow hair.


The envelope lay still and quiet

and lovely in its silence

like a tiny sleeping infant

lost far amongst its slumber

unopened to the world; unbidden

yet dreaming with the clarity of gospel singers

breaking high above their melody.


The yellow-haired man scrawled on the envelope marked TRUTH

Return to sender, but not before…

Unsticking the glue with his nails so the contents unfurled

Making a paper plane, he threw it from the window and into a

Post truth world.


Featured image © Garry Knight, Flickr


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