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by Adrian Holmes, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Norwich North

Having lived in Norwich since 1990 I’ve seen what Chloe Smith and the Tories have done to the North of the city over the last 7 years. The effects that she’s had on the north of the city and the surrounding areas are devastating and potentially ever-lasting. I’m running as Norwich North candidate for the Green Party because I believe that this doesn’t have to be the case. I believe that we can build a better, safer and greener future by unseating Chloe Smith and the rest of the Tories up and down the country.

Having been a part of the save Wensum valley campaign I have witnessed the effects that have taken place on the Norwich and Norfolk countryside. Under continued threat from those who believe that these places can easily be replaced, I have campaigned for the ending of building on Marritott’s Way as well as the expansion of the Northern Distributor Road through the area, which has and will destroy much of the natural wildlife in the area, as well as coming in at millions of pounds over budget.

I believe that we should be working towards a more progressive society. One that works towards ensuring that the most vulnerable people are protected from harm’s way, one that ensures that those with the broadest shoulders carry the biggest loads, and one where the environment and the reversal of climate change is first and foremost in the mind and policies of a government. I joined the Green Party 1990 for this exact reason and have worked with many other groups for these reasons as well. I am one of the founding members of the Norwich Community Solar Co-op, which was set up to offer an alternative to the burner at Generation Park as well as a source for green energy that would be positioned in the city of Norwich to help cut down on the carbon foot print of our fine city.

I would also look to support any Housing Cooperatives, such as the Norwich Student Housing Co-op

As a city Councillor I have seen what the standard of housing looks and the effort that goes into ensure that they are habitable. However, I believe that we need to go further. If elected I would ensure that every housing development would have all their houses built to a ecological standard that would not only cut down on the carbon footprint of the house but it would also help to make the bills in the home more manageable for those who live there. I would also look to support any Housing Cooperatives, such as the Norwich Student Housing Co-op, who I would help to purchase properties to allow for housing to be accessible for everyone, not just those who want to make as much profit as possible.

(Adrian Holmes, via

I also want ensure that nobody ever has to live in Poverty. What we have seen around the country is that the Tories have forced many people in this country to rely on food banks whilst also systematically cutting their benefits, continuing this cycle of poverty. I would continue to fight for a living wage to be introduced across the board as the standard, as well as for the introduction for a Universal Basic Income. We need to ensure that there is never a situation where the citizens of the 5th biggest economy in the world find themselves having to make the choice between bills and food and this is the solution for it.

Our voting system is broken. In 2015 the Tories gained a majority with just 24% of the eligible vote from the electorate. This system is neither fair nor democratic and weakens us as a society. I would fight for proportional representation to be introduced for our electoral system. We need to see it that every vote matters in who shapes our country. This is what engaged people with the EU referendum, with voters coming out to knowing that this decision would shape their country. If we want to end the crisis of apathy we need to ensure that everyone feels the voting system is both fair and democratic. The only way to do this is with proportional representation.

A vote for me is a vote for progressive change in Norwich North and in the UK. I will happily work with any progressive MP that wishes to stand side by side and work for a better future in the UK, if I am elected. The parties of the left need to move forward, together, in order to stop the continued rule of the Tories and to steer this country to better, stronger horizons.

Editor’s Note: In light of the snap General Election Theresa May has called for June, The Norwich Radical has contacted progressive prospective parliamentary candidates in Norwich South and Norwich North. We have offered them the space to raise issues they see to be key to the election in 2017, as well as a way of directly communicating why they believe voters should choose their party and themselves to be your MP. Those candidates for Norwich South that we have contacted are: Hugh Lanham (Liberal Democrats) and Chris Jones (Labour Party). 

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