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by Richard Bearman, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Norwich South

I have been member of the Green Party (GPEW) since 2003 and was elected as a Green Party county councillor for Mancroft ward in 2009, and again in 2013. In that time I, alongside the other county councillors in the green group, have managed to pass motions and lead campaigns that have benefited the city of Norwich as well as the Wider Norfolk Community. Our biggest success was the reversal of the decision to pursue devolution in East Anglia, something I heavily campaigned against.

I’m running in Norwich South for a number of reasons. Norwich is a fine city that I have lived in for over 30 years and I believe it needs the strongest possible leadership in parliament for it. This is something I believe I can do.

Norwich has a rich and diverse community made up of students, young professionals, locals and people that have migrated from further afield to start a new life. This diverse community each have differing needs that require different solutions. As County Councillor I managed to help people across all the different sections of society and I know I can do this as the MP for Norwich South.

I will also fight to ensure that we lower the voting age to 16 years old

I would achieve it by focusing on ‘One Planet Living’ so that we can build a sustainable society not only in Norwich, but across the entire country. I would also focus on policies that redistribute wealth from those in society. This would happen by Higher Taxes on the highest owners and fighting for policies such as Universal Basic Income, to ensure that every family up and down the country never has to live in poverty and that no one will ever have to make the choice between bills, rent and food.

I will also fight to ensure that we lower the voting age to 16 years old. As we saw with the EU referendum, the decision made was pushed through by the older generation, of which I am one of the minority, to leave without a consideration of the effects it will have the on the younger generation. I firmly believe that now, more than ever, the next germination needs to have the best possible say on what their future will look like and who is representing them in parliament in the issues that will define their future prospects not only in work, but their chances to their lives to their fullest.

(Richard Bearman, via The Green Party candidate page)

I also believe that we should plan to build stronger, more vibrant communities. The current housing plan is to expand on what we have, creating an urban sprawl with very little sense of community in the area. I believe that we should be building housing not just fill the blackhole created by the Tories but to expand and build cohesive communities across the country. One of the many reasons that we have divides in out community is because the Governments current plan just focusing on building the cheapest, less cost and environmentally effective housing, as well as ignoring the need for integration into the wider community. I would fight to ensure that when housing is built that its built with the not only the owner or tenants in mind but also the wider community, ensuring that they can feel like they part of the community and build their own communities. I would also look to ensure that community led schemes for housing, such as the Norwich Student Housing Coop, revive as much as possible in for filling their goals and have the bets support possible to ensure their continued existence.

we need a progressive society to be built

Finally, we need a progressive society to be built. We currently live in a cycle of boom and bust situations where it’s always the most vulnerable in society under-threat. I have always believed that there is a need for a change in society to take care of everyone, be it social, mental or environmental needs of people. If elected I would be willing to work with any progressive party to ensure that every group in society can be assured to be protected from harm, something that the current Tory establishment can not.

A vote for me is a vote for a change in the system to a caring, progressive, forward thinking society.

Editor’s Note: In light of the snap General Election Theresa May has called for June, The Norwich Radical has contacted progressive prospective parliamentary candidates in Norwich South and Norwich North. We have offered them the space to raise issues they see to be key to the election in 2017, as well as a way of directly communicating why they believe voters should choose their party and themselves to be your MP. Those candidates for Norwich South that we have contacted are: Richard Bearman (Green Party); James Wright (Liberal Democrat); Clive Lewis (Labour Party). 

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