by Hannah Rose

True Stories Live is a beautifully simple idea which has blossomed since its inception a year ago. Each night promises to be engaging and entertaining, offering a storytelling space where the unexpected nearly always happens. The premise is straightforward, inviting members of the public to share their unscripted stories with an audience.

A theme is set for each night and storytellers are invited to workshops to help prepare for their performance. To date, themes have included: ‘There’s No Place Like Home’, ‘Forgive And Forget’, and ‘In Another Life’. A rich experience often including the intimate, the bittersweet and the darkly funny, drawing large audiences each time round.

Producer Lucy Farrant is the mastermind behind True Stories Live, who enlisted writer, poet, and performer Molly Naylor. Molly’s patina of comedic compèring is the perfect antidote to any stage fright storytellers might be experiencing on the night. Audiences are also invited to contribute in writing their intimate tales and witticisms in the break whilst re-charging at bar.


True Stories Live has done so well in Norwich, that Lucy and Molly will be taking it on tour of UK literary festivals. Before they leave town however, why not join them next Sunday in the Arts Centre bar, and expect the unexpected where the theme for the night is No Regrets. The evening will feature writer and comedian, Sara Pascoe and music legend Gavin Osborn who will be there to help celebrate TSL’s first birthday. Tickets can be purchased in person or online from the Norwich Arts Centre.

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