by Jake Reynolds

give me a piss pot I’ll call it
sunset showers
you are what you read so I’m
Economic and Business History in Venezuela
does it feel like I am watching you
not go to a midweek lecture
I think you should call your dissertation
Infinite Rust
aren’t meal deals getting expensive
I foil-wrap my own
little rectangle of silver
ham and crumple zone
I was winched here like a prayer
murmured in assemblies
put your fingers in your ears
and concentrate on thinking
if a corporation loves me
I am everything it does
if nobody wants to touch me
it’s called freaking you out
I know a little trick
to get free coffee at Vista
just say the freak all high and mighty
sent you packing with some tips
I am a cold cold philistine
locked in a lawless pose
when the rain comes
it contour-maps my features
aloof and out of reach
just like your favourite tutor

Featured image via SCVA

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