The Norwich Radical contacted all candidates in this year’s UEA Students Union officer elections for comment on why they’re running and what they stand for. These articles are intended to offer an insight into the current and future state of the union and of the UEA more broadly.

UEA Students can vote at uea.su/ueavotes until Tuesday March 21st.

The responses of those candidates for Women’s Officer and Ethnic Minorities Officer that responded by the deadline are presented here, unedited. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

There is only one candidate in the other liberations officer elections, and unfortunately we were not successful in contacting them, but you can still vote for them at uea.su/ueavotes. They are:

Mae Kabore – LGBT+ Officer Open place

Liam Deary – LGBT+ Officer Trans & Non-Binary place

Emily Cutler – Students with Disabilities Officer

Women’s Officer

Ellie Johns

E Johns

As first year psychology representative, I have experience within the union council, and have established areas of improvement. I will review the support available for women+ students, provide more opportunities workshops, and organise a women+ conference—with speakers and employers from differing fields. I want to introduce stress coping technique seminars so students feel supported in dealing with stress. I will increase education about sexual harassment and gendered violence, and provide training for academic advisers on assisting students who have been victim of these. I will assist the university with gender-balancing staff—in 2016 only 26.4% of professors were women.

Other candidates: Amy Atkinson

Ethnic Minorities Officer

Aliyah Rawat

A Rawat.png

I’m Aliyah, and I’m running for Ethnic Minorities Officer! As a person of colour who is queer, disabled and Muslim, I have a genuine understanding of the best tactics to employ real change whilst staying respectful and appreciative of our intersectional identities/needs.

I’ve been involved in activism on campus since 1st year. From previous Chair of BME Caucus, to being a founding member of UEA Womanist Society, to Union Councillor for LGBT+ Caucus, to organising and speaking on panels for intersectionality, and being selected a delegate to NUS Black Leader’s Conference — I’ve plenty of experience in leadership and organising, working with the SU, working with the BME community, public speaking and political activism.

Some of my key manifesto aims include:
— Diversifying our curriculum
— More representation and intersectionality
— More support and lobbying for better BME mental health
— Tackling anti-blackness, islamophobia and xenophobia
— More intercultural social events
— Weekly drop-ins and more transparency

I’m extremely passionate about activism, and would love to tackle issues which often get overlooked and create more opportunities for BME students to have their voices heard and have cultures represented. I feel I would do a great job at this, and hope to have your vote!

Khalil Alwazir

K Alwazir-page-001.jpg

Dear Voter,

I’m a Jordan-born Palestinian student studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. I’m a straightforward and passionate student who sticks to fundamental universal ideals of equality, solidarity, and justice. More importantly my name is Arabic and literally translates to good friend, so as your friend, let me get straight to the point and show you how I will promote change:

– We will represent all students from ethnic minority backgrounds. Contact me personally if you have any inquiries or problems and I’ll be your solution.
– We will host socials and caucuses that represent the depth and heritage of all cultures.
– We promise to fight and campaign against racial, and religious discrimination!
– We will host events to raise awareness to the struggles of ethnic minorities, and make sure that not a single soul will be underrepresented!
– We will push for a more diverse non-Western reading curriculum, with the inclusion of voices from ethnic minorities around the world as part of a broader campaign to liberate our university.
– We will ensure programs that increase social inclusion for first year international and ethnic minority students.
– We will work closer with local charities such as New Routes that help refugees and asylum seekers.

My goals can be summed up in a single sentence: to eliminate under-representation, and to justly present the depth and beauty of all cultures on campus. I hope that achieving all the above will solidify a sense of belonging at the University of East Anglia.

Yours truly,
Khalil Alwazir


Other candidates: Amanie Mathurin

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