The Norwich Radical contacted all candidates in this year’s UEA Students Union officer elections for comment on why they’re running and what they stand for. These articles are intended to offer an insight into the current and future state of the union and of the UEA more broadly.

UEA Students can vote at uea.su/ueavotes until Tuesday March 21st.

The responses of those candidates for Ethical Issues Officer and Environment Officer that responded by the deadline are presented here, unedited. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

Ethical Issues Officer

Elle Prentice

E Leung-Prentice.jpg

I pledge to create prevention schemes for mental health, ethical issue drop in sessions, curriculum diversification and opening dialogue with unethical companies and providing no platform.

When asked what my ethical guidelines are the best words that came to mind were “don’t be a dick, to anyone. Listen to everyone and help.” And I think that sums up my ethics.

Other candidates: Rob Klim


Environment Officer

Rafah Mohamed

R Mohamed

I’m running for environmental officer and running a PAPER FREE campaign. I believe that the following should be achieved: fossil fuel divestment; changing food suppliers to make packaging biodegradable and affordable; setting up a good collection service to drop off food so it can be sent to homeless shelters in Norwich. I have sat on the Roteract committee for three years and strongly protested Barclays relationship with Westminster academy. I have worked with a charity in Norwich in support of the tribes protesting the Dakota pipeline and raising general awareness of our effect on the environment. A vote for me is a radical vote for hope.

Rhys Purtill

R Purtill

Hey! My name is Rhys Purtill and I am running to be your next Environment Officer! I am the President of UEA Pride, an award winning campaigner, and I sit on Societies Exec giving money to students so they can run their amazing events. If you elect me as your next Environment Officer I will transform this campus with new bike racks, bikes to rent and water fountains to reduce water bottle usage. I will conduct an assessment of how much waste the union produces, campaign for more cruelty-free products in the shop and put on regular vegan fairs.

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