The Norwich Radical contacted all candidates in this year’s UEA Students Union officer elections for comment on why they’re running and what they stand for. These articles are intended to offer an insight into the current and future state of the union and of the UEA more broadly.

UEA Students can vote at uea.su/ueavotes until Tuesday March 21st.

The responses of those candidates for Campaigns and Democracy officer that responded by the deadline are presented here, unedited. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

Abbie Mulcairn

A Mulcairn.jpg

Hi! I’m Abbie Mulcairn – I’m currently the Women’s Officer of the SU and very occasional guest writer for the Norwich Radical!

As students, we are facing threats to the funding of our courses, rising tuition fees and cuts to mental health services on our campus and the Union has barely scratched the surface in terms of campaigning against these things. We’ve made huge leaps in tackling sexual assault on campus but there are still no strategies for preventing assault in the city. The PREVENT legislation is a racist attack on students and unfairly infringes on the rights of students and we need to ensure UEA does not comply. I believe that student unions have played a radical and important role in the history of social movements and I want to ensure that UEASU continues to fight for students using every means necessary.

Jack Robinson

J Robinson

I’m Jack Robinson and I’ve been an elected Non-Portfolio Officer for the past two years, as well as being the current UEA Pride Vice-President. Over that time, I’ve been involved in a range of campaigns from refugee solidarity to mental health services on campus. Now I’m running to be the next Campaigns & Democracy Officer.

As Campaigns Officer, I want to refocus our campaigns around students. I want students to tell us what the priorities are, not the other way round. I want to introduce greater accountability for officers such as tracking manifesto pledges online and I want to make campaigning for better mental health services our priority. We need also to tackle the lack of study and social space on campus.

I also want to us to work harder to empower students. If you elect me, I’ll create a campaign toolkit to help students on campus run their own campaigns, as well as a campaign grant system to help get student campaigns off the ground.

If you want real change for the union, to make it more accountable and transparent, then vote for me.

Other candidates: George-Burton Devon, Mufaro Chishaya

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