by Julian Canlas

(in support of Black Lives Matter)

a, pustule, fleshspun, pierced, when,
echoes, become, loud, and, silenced—loudly silenced
when, burdens, are, called, gifts—processes, of, unintuition,
when, killing, becomes, justified, as, horror, of, the, natural,
as, self-defence, this, glock, as, human, and, judiciary—bodies
reverted into their primal depiction—as, an, observer, when, deaths,
become, secondary, to, guilt, dreaming, colourless, cranium, lilies,
blooming, from, plastic, no, gust, makes, us, shiver, more, than, breaths,
from, uttered, laws, oneshotafteranother, bang! bang! bang! no, language,
to, chew, this, explosion—your utopia—was—built—on the dead

Featured image © Brayan Lopez

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