by Alex Valente

Original Italian by Sonia Gentili, ‘Viaggio mentre morivo’

I travel while I was dying and I was
absent or maybe only
alone: still before the last anchor
of the world as homeland of
the present
I travel where the present is consumed
in the black womb of the light, see-through
like the dark waiting for the moon
it’ll come and it doesn’t come and I
am distant
the sky of constant existence watches me
and doesn’t know what it sees
I am a black tonguetwister with the green
rind of paradise: I am earth. The sky
leaves me but
doesn’t abandon me
I abandoned it behind houses
black like tentacles of sleep
and I travel inside ancient springs
blackened with green wombs
of the round fruit
the earth alone, the oldest homeland
can abandon me to the turmoil of the sea
my breathing in the sea is this
the sky doesn’t abandon me but
it kills me

 Featured image © NASA / Flickr

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