by George Laver

Take a moment, to reflect
The anger of youth
Without disrespect
And just because, in older age
The passion, the lust
The fire of rage
Has withered, burned
And crumbled away
Without lessons learned
At the end of the day
It does not mean, for a second
That we are wrong
Because we beckon
That angelic spirit
Of equal creation
And not at least without our merit
We intend to reach that final station.

Supplementary note by the author:

Although I usually write articles, poetic inspiration has been known to come to me on occasion over the last couple of years; last night happened to be one of those times, and it came after pondering the way in which youth are patronised by older generations for being — in my eyes, justly — angered by their treatment and the unnecessarily hardships inflicted on us. Although expressions of anger take all sorts of different channels, politics is one of the most deserving.

Featured Image: The Telegraph

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