by Martie Warin

I was born and raised in the pit village of Easington, close to the North East coast in County Durham. The Colliery was thriving and a great place to live when I was a growing up. There were plenty of jobs at the pit and everyone looked out for each other. It was (and still is in a lot of ways) a safe and caring community. Sadly, our way of life was turned on its head in 1993 when the wheel stopped turning, and despite a community rending period of strike action, the pits were closed. People suffered then, and continue to suffer the effects now. The cuts of recent years continue to rub salt into the wounds of these once proud people. Now I know coal mining is certainly not Green, but compassion and justice are!

All across England, Wales and Scotland, people are suffering from the effects of bad decisions made by Government and big businesses; decisions that cause unjustified misery and damage to both people and the environment. I want it to stop!

From an early age, fairness and compassion have been important to me. As a 6 year old I asked where ‘meat’ came from, and was given the facts. I told my parents that I did not want to eat animals anymore, and with their help and understanding I became vegetarian.

Given the opportunity to lead our party I would fight tooth and nail to put an end to this nonsensical idea that austerity is a necessity when there is clearly an alternative which is  more pleasant and optimistic staring us right in the face. There are enough resources on this planet to clothe and feed everyone, providing we tax accordingly and look after the very thing that looks after us.

I believe that it is about time the Green Party tried harder to forge robust alliances with trade unions, as the values that we hold dear and the values of the trade unions go hand in hand. The Trade Unions and the Green Party fit together better now than with Labour , and this is an opportunity that we should not miss. I have been a member of the GMB for quite a few years, even whilst out of work I maintained membership and stood beside them in fighting ATOS, the bedroom tax, cuts to local services and Working Tax Credits just to name a few things.


The rich and the social elite grow wealthier at the expense of the planet and the downtrodden whilst thinking that this exploitation is sustainable. Now is the time to fight back and I believe that we are the people to do it.

It is time to stop abusing our planet and its inhabitants. We need to care for and look after it and care for and look after those who need looking after. We live in an affluent society, the 5th richest on earth, and with the correct management, we can stop damaging our home and sustain it and all of its inhabitants in a fair and loving manner.

I joined our party in 2010, because I believed the Greens to be the only real party that truly cares for the environment and the people, and this is something that I have not lost faith in.

Over the years I have campaigned on many social and environmental issues such as, fighting against the use of bee killing pesticides, the bedroom tax, ATOS assessments, Fracking, mental health awareness, animal rights issues, TTIP and many others.

Fair is still worth fighting for and we can and will continue to do it for the common good!

Martie Warin is standing to be Leader of the Green Party. In the 2015 General Election, he stood in the Easington constituency in County Durham, receiving 2% of the vote. 

You can find out more about his campaign here.

Every Green Party member receives a vote in the Leadership election, which takes place from the 25th of July to the 25th of August. The Norwich Radical have invited all candidates for Leader and Deputy Leader to submit one article to us on their campaign.

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