by Alan Borgars

We, the people of Britain, currently face a difficult and uncertain future, especially in light of the recent decision to vote to leave the EU by a margin of 3.78%, or just over one million votes. The United Kingdom still suffers from a self-serving, cold-hearted, money-loving government whose main intent is to keep themselves in power indefinitely by any means they can and continually oppress everyone who is not rich and powerful.

We, the Green Party of England and Wales, must be the ones who stand up for what is right and just, for a fair, sustainable and green future, for our human and environmental rights which are essential in society and which protect us no matter what our circumstances, and for introducing a green consensus for the sake of ourselves and our fellow creatures. We need a sustainable economy, sustainable communities, and a sustainable society to replace our broken and outdated socio-economic system.

Local communities in Britain need to be actually able to decide their own future and make their own plans which best suit their needs, and our individual and communal rights need to be respected via an enforced and fair written constitution. We need to get organised and fight back against big business, the pro-corporate media, and other institutions of free-market, pro-austerity power.

As a young and disabled person who has borne the brunt of governmental austerity policies and betrayal by those I once thought I could trust, and as a strong believer in green values and a better society for all, I am the right person for the job of Deputy Leader for the Green Party of England and Wales. I have considerable elections experience, having been the Green Party’s parliamentary candidate for Hemel Hempstead in 2015, the first Green candidate in that constituency for 23 years, and having contested local elections in 2013, 2014, and 2015 in the Welwyn Hatfield and East Hertfordshire areas.



I played a key role in stopping a dangerous and polluting incinerator being built in Hatfield and in starting Green Parties in Broxbourne, East Herts and Three Rivers, thus helping my home county, Hertfordshire, achieve good Green coverage. I have also served on the Green Party’s Equality & Diversity Committee since March 2014 specialising in autistic rights and issues relating to autism, and successfully introduced the a clear policy on the Arctic Ocean and Arctic Circle for the Green Party. I am experienced in radio interviews, having hosted a current affairs radio show back in my undergraduate years and having experienced interviews from BBC 3 Counties Radio.

My vision for the future of the party can be summed up with my five clear priorities:

  1. To ensure the Green Party internally and externally can transition to being a potential party of government in Britain over the next two years. Now more than ever, our country needs systematic, fundamental change, and we need to be capable of winning elections outright so we can implement that change. We need to make ourselves a party that can be trusted with the economy, with our NHS, to deliver a fair welfare system, to have an effective approach to crime, and to deliver a fair immigration system whilst still advocating our four green pillars of ecological wisdom, social justice, grassroots democracy and nonviolence.



  1. To ensure that Green Party members in all areas-rural, urban, and metropolitan-are properly supported so that we can reliably present ourselves as an alternative everywhere in England and Wales. This will help Green Parties be better organised in elections and campaigning terms. So that this can be achieved, I will help ensure each local authority area can have its own Green Party and that there will be training, coordinated by local and regional parties, to help local parties activate their membership to its fullest potential.
  1. To extend the message that green politics is for everyone in the UK and can work for everyone, no matter who they are or where they are. We have shown in the 2016 local elections that green politics has support from all corners, from places as far afield as Weymouth, Hednesford, and Buckhurst Hill. I will help us further this aim by helping the Green Party link our values and vision more with the everyday concerns of voters in the UK, and help the Green Party push environmental issues further into voters’ consciousness.

    It is time for us Greens to help turn that dream of social and environmental justice for everyone into reality

  1. To ensure that there are good relations between all groups in the Green Party of England and Wales, whatever their age, ethnicity, gender, orientation, disability, religious beliefs, position within the party, or any other circumstances, so that we can all work together for the common good and for our green vision. In particular, I will help set up a mentoring scheme to ensure the Green Party will select more candidates from BAME backgrounds and more disabled candidates and help them play a stronger role in the Green Party nationally.
  2. That there will be a regular by-elections alert page for Green Party members and activists, so that we can be more prepared for surprise elections and make the most of media coverage that comes when parliamentary by-elections occur.

As Martin Luther King once said, ‘I have a dream.’ It is time for us Greens to help turn that dream of social and environmental justice for everyone into reality, and if you want it to happen soon, you should vote for me, Alan Borgars, #1 for Green Party Deputy Leader this year and bring the Green Party on the fast track to victory.

Alan Borgars is a candidate for Deputy Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales. Alan currently works as a support worker for disbaled students and workers and stood in the 2015 General Election for the Hemel Hempstead – the first time the Greens have contested the seat -gaining 3% of the vote. You can find more information on his campaign here.

Every Green Party member receives a vote in the forthcoming Deputy Leadership election, which will take place from the 25th of July to the 25th of August. The Norwich Radical have invited all candidates for Leader and Deputy Leader to submit one article to us on their campaign.

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