by Alex Valente

Original Italian by Selenia Bellavia, ‘Criterio’

From the closed recesses of a star
you ask me the real portion
of the clothed hypothesis
you cannot imagine
you do not know the rustle
of the river undivided by an ethos
already distant hoping to see
in a shred
that yearning faded by the fortore for a void
dug out once more it is the false animated
still human still blackened at the source
the dam more consumed at the slope
and it will be a derailed train
that allows for new accents
if the miracle appears the equation
unstable for the fragments and certain
reflected souls
devoured upon the tracks
for a gesture for the thirst for the sense of a wrinkle
it was a voice and a newborn word
a thousand days spent and woman man and the distended age
a symptom contracted at the boundless white
it was today and it was every day
a chromatic blend and the effect and the fold like a bond
the spell
and it was technique it was blood teeth muscles of the neck
your beauty which exploded
out of phase.

Featured image © Daria Khoroshavina

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