CROMER, 2013

by Carmina Masoliver

The rush of the lapping waves of the sea,
the sound of shells, smell of salt, is where,
the humdrum left behind, I can just be.
The horizon before me, I can stare,
watch where the sea meets sky and then it leaves –
nowhere I’d rather be than standing there.

Watch the others run to the water, their
wet-suits mean they can plunge into the sea
without that sharp, English coldness, the leaves
of winter gone, I tiptoe down to where
the other are, pebble-stumble and stare
and shriek as waves impact, happy to be.

There’s a strange feeling, when you let things be,
the waves hitting you, as you submerge there
in the deep blue, each pebble step, a stair
taking you further into the Norfolk sea;
simple pleasures in this coastal town where
we wear our happy hearts upon our sleeves.

Here, filled with hope, each one of us believes
in miracles, a future where we’ll be
together. Now, this will always be where
I remember feeling so alive; they’re
laughing in tragedy’s face, throwing sea-
weed at each other as I smile and stare.

Sun spreads over our skin, I stop and stare,
daydream across the ripples, breathe in air
so fresh and clean, in this moment I see
what’s important in this world, is to be
in a place just like this beach, which relieves
you of tension in your body, the wear

and tear of the working days, the days where
your time is simply not your own. So, stare
wherever you are, eyes closed and you’re there
even when you’re walking knee-deep in leaves
and snow, find a place to go and just be,
picture the sun and the sand and the sea.

This is the place where melancholy leaves.
Paint with your eyes as you stare, let it be.
There’s a whole world out there for you to see.

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