by Mike Vinti

Are you hungover and full of existential dread? Do you have a crippling fear that life will never be the same? Have you said the phrase ‘let’s face it, we’re fucked’ in the last 24 hours? If you have, then boy, do we have just the songs for you.

Introducing Now That’s What I Call Brexit – a double CD of all your favourite post-EU hellscape anthems, featuring Panic! by The Smiths, Anarchy In The UK by the Sex Pistols, Safe European Home by The Clash and many many more.

Even better, Now That’s What I Call Brexit can be yours for the low low price of absolutely nothing! To order your copy, all you have to do is sob quietly into a can of French or German lager whilst humming ‘Rue Britannia’, and the ghosts of Winston Churchill and Charles De Gaulle will appear before your very eyes and present you your CD.

Order now and choose from a selection of complimentary gifts, including: a European work visa, dual nationality with any EU nation, free tickets to Canada, or a Range Rover covered in graffiti, spiky pieces of metal, and the blood of your enemies. Witness me!

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