by Alex Valente

Original Italian by Valentina Pinza (1982-), ‘Primo amore, naturalmente’

It was love, but we didn’t notice
none of us knew
years have passed
for us to forget everything, the breathing and all the rest
we’ve thrown out those t-shirts
summers and summers ago
maybe even the following year;
that night we watched the stars
who said wishes are lonely?
Nothing was meant to change
but still, of course, we changed
grew up, we take up more space in the world
even though I feel rarefied;
that night a mother told us,
imagine: you will grow and you will forget
each other
you’re young now
but things change
she said
or something like it
and she was right, of course.
I mean, I
hated that night
with all of my being.
I still love you
even if I cannot remember your clothes
your voices, your movements
what remains of that time and those words
is just me;
love is attention, they say
love is remembering
but love is forgetting
and staying.

Featured image: Valentina Pinza / Facebook

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