by Chris Jarvis

Content warning: mass shooting, homophobia.

In response.

At midnight they dance the devil’s dance
Gleeful in their deviance

As sun rises
Their hearts Pulse in the ecstasy
Community and camaraderie

Unprovoked and unannounced
Space safe no more

Oh hold your breath then count to ten
Then fall apart and start again

All the way to forty nine
Mommy I love you.


Morning comes
Eyes round the world sodden
Sky stained crimson


Write over the acronym
Erase the skin
‘Attack on the West’
‘Attack on a good time’

‘Nature not nurture’
‘No such thing as society’
‘Mental health and madness’
Politicise the sadness

Viewed in a vacuum
A man alone
No normalisation
No sticks
No stones


Donald and Douglas know what to do
Build walls, don’t open arms
Blame a God, don’t look to ourselves
A people, a faith
A belief, a nation
A fabricated pattern
Not an aberration

The desert keeps growing
And the river keeps flowing


Featured image: vigil in Orlando, Florida © Adrees Latif/Reuters

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