iMOAN 2.0

by Joe Cook

We’re the generation of bright screens and a dark future
Biological computers
A digital ball and chain
But when things go wrong we can’t turn off and on again
We live in a world where the most important connection is WIFI
And memories are captured in pixels rather than eyes

We’ve got the world at our fingertips
Craving the power light
Eye sockets fixed on sockets
We find love by swiping right
love at first swipe
Some say grace before they eat
Now it’s a photo and a tweet
Giving thanks to the most high WIFI?
We like an share for prayers
I don’t think the divine is online
Share this picture and you will be blessed
I ain’t accepting his friend request

Zen Buddhist use the moon to keep things in perspective
How time is fragile and we’re all connected
Allowing an inner peace to be restored
Whereas pizza hut wanted to use the moon as a giant billboard
Why look for piece within yourself
When it can be bought on a shelf?
Possessed by possession in this
Billboard nation
Coca – coliniazation
Advert the nightlife’s illuminations
The new starts which we dream upon
Watching over us like elder gods
Brahma the creator
Vishnu the maintainer
Shiva the destroyer
Me and you the consumer
We’re buried with possessions like ancient pharaohs
Like brain pulled out through the nose

Got to connect to something
A sense of belonging
Shame its expense and belongings
Fools profit from false profits
Retail revelation
Superstore salvation
Jesus was born in the back of a coca-cola lorry
That’s the only way we know holidays are coming
Coke died for your sins
Cause when the truck roles up a religious holiday begins

People will camp outside the store to get their fix of sale
But won’t take to the streets when the system fails
Will kick down shop doors
But will just accept wars
Cause its illegal to occupy
But not if your camping to buy
If people cared about black rights
As much as they cared about black Friday
They see we have a bigger price to pay

We got to educate demonstrate
Scream and shout
Fight for justice not over a discount
A man shoots a lion
Media uprise
Maybe if the lion had a pack of skittles it be justified
If you don’t get that rhyme
Point proven
Cause there’s beasts out there hunting humans
While we’re wrestling over a flat screen
We’re no closer to Dr King’s dream
So we close our eyes
Open wide and consume
Do you own your possessions or your possessions own you
All about price but we forget about value
The revolution will not be pay per view
As consuming and technology becomes our mythology
Logos and egos
Cause the things that matter
Ain’t in physical matter

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