by Joe Cook

We live in a magpie society
Shiny objects we crave
If you want to live like a king you best work like a slave
When there’s spoilt brats talking about their sweet 16
There’s children whose drinking water ain’t even clean
Daddy didn’t get you the car you wanted?
I hope that old mansion you live in turns out to be haunted
By the ghosts who died mining those diamonds you wear
Or the animals they tested the product on for your hair
I’ll take a hammer to your jewelry
I’ll burn you designer clothes
And I hope your favorite horse gets sold in burgers at Tescos
We’ve got idiot idols
With smart phones
Leading an army of hashtag clones
Everything becoming wireless has made us so soulless
A touch screen don’t touch you back
The value of health is what we lack
Happiness ain’t gained by the next upgrade

Adverts sooth like a lullaby
Keeping us asleep so we buy buy buy
I’m surrounded by this mind numbing consumerism
But when aerosol sprays expression on to a wall they call it vandalism
Unless it’s a banksy
Hanging up in a middle class study how very fancy
See wise men tagged the pyramids in ancient times
When the cities left to rot this crime is the only colour you find
A rotting, decaying urban wasteland
May aswell go decorate with a spray can

We spend 15 hours a month on facebook
We may aswell poke a needle of likes into our veins we’re that hooked
Dose the world becoming robotic not scare ya?
No there’s not an unexpected item in my bagging area
Oh great now even the machines think we are thugs
The matrix is real its about time we pull the plug
This is the time of microchips under your skin
Freedom’s in the recycling bin
An app appetite
Living a virtual life
Mankind is trapped in the belly of the beast
We make war so we can have peace
Technology advances but still the devil dances
We can fly through space
Explore the deepest sea
But we still can’t live as one
In peace and unity

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