by Alex Valente

Original Italian by Ginevra Lilli (1972-), ‘Magari martedì’

They come, small line of dromedaries
in the desert. Thirsty words
lined up, also tied up
one to the other. One line
seemingly obedient. Consenting.
They’re here and gush out
of spite, scattered.
Shoving each other, unruly
school trip.
Trained monkeys, holding
hands. That’s what they are
this evening. We don’t know
where they’ll take us.
Towards the happy ending or slide,
further, down to the end of the page
no conclusion, without
an embrace or a handshake
to say: ‘right, see you
soon. Maybe Tuesday.’

Featured image: cover of Diario Ordinario, by Ginevra Lilli via

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