by Alex Valente

Original Italian by Martina Campi (1978-), from Sull’abitare

From the following academic day Penelope
drags on her face a pale-sided sun
and, to one side, unravels, extraordinarily powerful
backwards, tightly wrapped up in
cellophane, for the nights to come, the great labour

humming half-voiced
the same verse of Hotel California
her favourite song on a loop, and
in its fibre, the female journey of generations

retacking the days, every day
small doses randomly cut


The madonnaro on the other hand considers
the work of the rain on the chalked work
in the semicircular square, inspired by Ulysses’ song:
she is abandoned, dissolved into particles of colour,

the regular indifferent consideration
of the distracted stamping insult to the souvenir, wounds
at the brink of remaining, or that letting go that maddens
every day, and then forgets.

Simple self-timed shots of looking elsewhere,
each passer-by another loop, lines
for works in progress and anti-theft speculation, of
overlapping voices, added in post production.


Madonnaro: busker, found in many Italian cities, who recreates art pieces on streets, usually using chalk.

Featured image © Facebook / Martina Campi

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