Disclaimer: The Norwich Radical is not associated with The Norwich Radical Film Festival.

by Jack Brindelli

Film is often wrongly pigeon-holed as a passive medium — simple entertainment to be used for distraction or escapism. But throughout its history, cinema has never been ‘just entertainment’. At its best, film-making is combative, subversive and revolutionary.

Norwich is a city built on a proud Radical heritage, and the inaugural Norwich Radical Film Festival aims to build on that legacy to inspire the community to engage with ideas and movies that will shake the world. As the first of four monthly events leading to our main festival in August, we are proud to present “A Beginner’s Guide to Radical Film”, taking place on Saturday 30th April 2016 between 11:00–16:00 at the Norwich Arts Centre.

Whether you are an anarchist auteur, a newcomer looking to become a first-time film-maker, or just a general cine-phile; the series of engaging talks will provide plenty to intrigue and inspire you. Norwich Radical Film Festival is joined by members of the Bristol Radical Film Festival, for a day of talks, clips, and discussion groups, covering radical film in all its forms. Learn about films that were banned as politically dangerous, films designed to look like no other, films about people of whom we never get to hear, and films which tell stories that those in power don’t want us to see.

Speakers include documentary-maker Elizabeth Mizon, senior lecturer Humberto Perez-Blanco and radical film-writer Eamonn Kelly, giving their expertise on subjects ranging from the history of guerrilla film-making across the world, to work-shops on zero-budget film-making. So, whether you’re simply intrigued by the stories of people who used movies to change the world, or have ambitions to take up the camera as a weapon yourself, this event will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about radical film but were afraid to ask!

Tickets: £5 in advance through the Arts Centre Website  | £10 on the door (unwaged concession: £7)

For more information on this or future events, please visit http://www.norwichradicalfilmfestival.com

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