The Norwich Radical contacted the candidates for this year’s Student Union elections. Here are the people running for Ethical Issues and Environment Officer that responded. You can vote here until 12pm on Tuesday 8th of March.


Charlotte Stebbing Boulet, Ethical Issues Officer Candidate

I’m a second year studying Culture, Literature and Politics. I am also a non-binary student who likes to creatively write, drink a lot of tea and get involved in lots of different campaigns and ideas.

I want to see Union Council become more accessible and inclusive for the rest of the student body as if you’re not in Union Council it’s very difficult to find out what is going on.I want to see a Union that is more diverse and reflective of the wider student body rather than representing a few, last year only 4 out of 17 elected officers were women and the rest were men.

I listen others and want to represent and support the students of UEA. I’m a committed and passionate person who loves helping others and can’t wait to bring my and other students many ideas to Union Council. I have a lot of dedication and strong work ethic show by the fact I have already worked with societies on campus and campaigns off campus like Citizens UK.


Emmanuel Agu, Ethical Issues Officer Candidate

I’m currently a Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Masters Student, social sec/health safety officer of UEAPRIDE, Secretary of Womanist Society, and Union Councillor for 3rd year Chemistry Students.I’ve been around UEAACS and LiveMusic a little too.I’m from South East London (some people will try to tell you Bexley is in Kent, but that’s not up for debate- they’re wrong).When I’m not running campaigns I like to keep up to date with new music (FKA Twigs, James Blake, Beyoncé are Big Favs), pop culture and social justice issues.

I’m hoping to campaign to diversify the stock and decrease the price of products for people with specific dietary requirements (i.e. free from varieties, halal, vegan) as often these options are limited /expensive.I want foods + beauty that cater to a wider range of ethnicities stocked on campus. I Want our university to diversify it’s curriculum and join the ‘why is my curriculum white’ national campaign.I want to improve access to free contraception and testing on campus – and info on where to get this in the city available easily.I want to make our democracy more accessible.

My experience on a variety of societies and knowledge gained from personal experience has given me many ideas on how to implement change within the union.

In participation in a variety of caucuses, and union council as well as involvement in the reclaim the night campaign I think I’ve gained a good understanding of the bureaucratic systems involved in employing change for marginalized communities in our student body and I’d hope that given the opportunity Id be able to transfer the enthusiasm I’ve shown in societies to combat these issues on a higher platform.


Md Humayain Kabir, Environment Officer Candidate

I am Md. Humayain Kabir, a post-graduate student of Climate Change, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia (UEA). Prior to studying in UEA, I did my BSc. (Hons.) and MSc degrees in Environmental Science at the Institute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, University of Chittagong (IFESCU), Bangladesh. After graduation, I started my professional life as ‘Research Assistant’ at ‘The Innovators’- a non governmental research organization of Bangladesh. Now, I am working as Lecturer of Environmental Science at IFESCU. I love to play Cricket and Badminton.

-I will create a strong network among the environmental related societies in UEA.
-I will build a close connection with environmental groups from other universities in South Eastern region of the UK.
-I will arrange at least two ‘Environmental Science and Engineering Careers Events’ to foster the job opportunities for the graduates.
-I will encourage the student engagement in social transformation towards building a low carbon and more climate resilient society.
-I promise to work on improving internal waste management activities and ensure 100% waste collection and recycling.

I always thrive to be an environmental leader. Consequently, I connect with different national and international environmental networks and have been contributing substantially. I was student representative of Environmental Science discipline in my under-graduate in University of Chittagong, Bangladesh from 2005-2010. Now, I am the ‘UEA Representative’ in ‘North East Regional Network’ for the Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows’. I am also acting as ‘Mentor’ of ‘Youth Volunteer of Environment’- a non profit student organization in Bangladesh. So, based on previous leadership activities, I am confident enough to play my role as ‘Environment Officer’.

Veronica White Manifesto.jpg

Veronica White, Environment Officer Candidate

I’m a first year Environmental Science student who hopes one day to make a difference by producing documentaries on environmental issues to bring science to the masses. I was born in the United States but moved to the Netherlands when I was eight which is why cycling safety is so important to me.

Firstly, I want to implement something I like to call “Low Carbon Raving” which will involve proposing to the university that they install solar panels on the roof of Union House to power our parties. Additionally I’d like to expand vegetarian and vegan options at all union run outlets on campus and hold vegetarian fairs in the Hive to show that eating a plant-based diet does not have to be boring. Finally, I aim to increase bike parking facilities on campus and contact Norwich City Council to discuss constructing a pedestrian crossing outside the village entrance.

I believe I’ll be great for the role as I have strong experience in environmental leadership, am highly organised and have a creative mind. I was the co-chair of the Environmental Committee at my senior school, which taught me how to write proposals for upper management as well as listen to the student body. This experience has prepared me for taking positions of environmental leadership like this one. I’m optimistic, think outside the box and am always ready to listen to your suggestions and ideas.

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