By Emmanuel Agu

For a while now I have been trying to do everything in my power to avoid directly writing around police brutality, (specifically in America) and the black lives matter movement. In all sincerity, there are an endless multitude of articles written around this with a much longer word limit than that which I am offered; but given recent stimuli- I could not stay silent for any longer.

 A couple of days ago I had the misfortune of encountering this viral video.

For those of you who do not have the patience to sit through this absolute nonsense, ill summarize for you – Ms. Hubbard spends 6 minutes disparaging the black lives matter movement and campaigns for protesting against police killings of accused and previously convicted criminals, and (for example Michael Brown, or Trayvon Martin) and fundraising for the bail of accused criminals neglect of innocent victims of “black-on-black crimes” namely Jamyla Bolden, a 9-year old girl shot dead by a stray bullet doing her homework.  She then accuses all black people of being intrinsically violent. In follow up interviews, she even refuses to acknowledge the existence of white supremacy.

To you Ms. Hubbard I have a few things to say.

Let’s start with some few and far between words of praise for you. I commend you for achieving in spite of all the obstacles that a black mother faces in her life. For raising young black children through the state education system; in which they are around three times as likely to be suspended and or expelled, in spite of state schools that improperly and disproportionately place minority students in special education classes, and producing young black high school graduates regardless of the fact the successful graduation rate between themselves and their white counterparts is ever widening – I can only offer you praise.

That’s where my praise ends for you.

One has to question for what reason only
one debate of internalized racial crime
sees mainstream media coverage?

Lets address this myth of “Black on Black crime” you think should be dominating the narrative of the black lives matter movement.  Based on statistics – yes it’s true; black people are nine times more likely to be killed by another black person than any other race in the US … and likewise, white people are approximately eight and a half times more likely to killed by other white people than any other race. One has to question for what reason only one debate of internalized racial crime sees mainstream media coverage? Ms. Hubbard, should these statistics even come as a surprise, considering the ubiquitous problem of residential segregation within the US? I do not mean to trivialize the murder of young Jamlya Bolden, nor many of the black victims of murder within the state of Missouri – but at least their accused murderers are actually able to be indicted – they are not protected by the state, their murder weapons are not funded by the taxes of law abiding citizens.

Ms. Hubbard, to some extent I agree with you- yes the police are not there to “hold our hands, or tuck us in at night”, but neither do they exist to violate the right to execute black accused and violate civil liberties as they see fit.


Now, in your follow up interview with ‘Fox News: Hannity’ (why am I not surprised)  you expressed much disdain at being referred to as – “the white mans bedwench”,  and  “uncle Tom”.  Of course, we must condemn the slut shaming inherent here. Regardless of whatever ignorant, regressive mentality you chose to adopt and propagate to millions across the world, such comments will always remain abhorrent. Your choice to remain ignorant though, I cannot entertain. You live in a country built upon on the genocide of one race and enslavement of another, with multinational businesses and places of higher education that have been established due to the suffering and exploitation of the aforementioned races, this is common knowledge and it is widely available- yet you chose to grace National news platforms to inform others that you don’t believe in white supremacy?

You live in a country built upon on the
genocide of one race and enslavement of another

You chose to remain silent as you sat on a panel that discussed the ‘absence of black fathers’ as a crisis rife in the black community. As a woman raised by a single mother – did staying silent on that panel make you feel shame? Though the financial and emotional presence of multiple parents can be very beneficial to the upbringing of children, it is not the be all and end all of the development of a child. Your life, and many others are testament to the fact that one parent (or perhaps even two fathers/mothers) can easily support the full development of a child.

Yes, on average black men are more likely to be to separate from the home of their children, though compared to their other racial counterparts they are more likely to see their children each month, and attribute a greater importance of financial and emotional support as compared to their counterparts.

Ms Hubbard – I for one am tired of people like you deciding to speak on authority for the entirety of our race. You have many experiences I am yet to encounter in this life, and perhaps that would afford you some wisdom those younger than you do not have. Perhaps in raising children and in your pursuit to further your career it was easier to remain wilfully ignorant and to seek white acceptance – how you live your life and raise your own children is your own business – but as a self-appointed matriarch of black people you disappoint me. Do not speak for those of us who chose to reject the bliss of ignorance.


  1. First off. Trayvon Martin wasn’t killed by police. Chicago had 42 people shot and 12 dead over the Christmas holiday weekend. 765 people have been shot in Chicago. Mall fights between blacks fighting blacks in 12 malls across the country. So don’t tell me we aren’t violent! Stop using that sad tired ” we were slaves” b.s. YOU WERE NEVER A SLAVE!!! STOP BEATING WHITE FOLKS OVER THE HEAD WITH SLAVERY! YOU NEVER PICKED COTTON…THEY NEVER OWNED SLAVES!


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