by Alex Valente

Original Italian by Mariangela Gualtieri (1951-), from ‘Naturale sconosciuto’

The sky still holds us
does not expel from its rotation
this round home of ours
and we reach the final ledge
with light articulated by stars
no longer looked at if not to call
their name.

But the stars remain fixed
because we look at them with ardour
they who want to shine
they who want to guide
our light towards splendour.

Ah! stars! hidden
by a more humble glimmering
of things created by us –
the stars
are so resolute in telling us
that there is more light
that there is a further fire
for the brave

more light holds the mind and drives the love
of animals and of plants
and inside each word
that fire holds, that light bursts
it hides or it spreads
by covenant.
Out of compassion
for we who do not look at the splendour
of the gift.

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