by Oxfam UEA

Oxfam UEA have supported Action for Children’s call for a national strategy on child neglect after research published today found that nearly a third of young people (31 percent) in East Anglia said they have been very or quite worried about whether another child is being looked after properly at home.

The survey conducted by Action for Children also found that the same percentage of adults living in East Anglia are very or quite worried about the welfare or safety of a child in their neighbourhood.

The report further revealed that 45 percent of children and 53 percent of adults in East Anglia said they needed more information about where to go with their concerns.

Oxfam UEA’s President, Will Temple, said: “These findings illustrate that there are many within our region who feel that they think they know of a child being treated poorly but are unsure what they can do about it.

“It is very sad that in 2015 neglect still goes unreported and these findings from Children in Action’s research clearly highlights that more needs to be done to help people in East Anglia be made aware of how and where to share their  fears about neglect.

“Some children suffering from neglect may not receive the basic necessities to survive and Oxfam is dedicated to ensuring that children in all communities receive enough food to eat and water to drink.

“We hope that over the next 12 months we can do as much as possible to help this cause.”

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Oxfam UEA and Action for Children are calling for a national strategy on child neglect that will help raise public awareness and inform children and adults on where they can go to seek advice and report any concerns.

For further information please contact Dan. Falvey on oxfamuea@outlook.com

Oxfam UEA is a new student society at the University of East Anglia which was set up in May to fundraise and campaign for Oxfam GB. At the same time as raising awareness and potentially life-saving funds for truly worthwhile causes, the society aims to offer students the chance to play an active role in both organising and coordinating events, giving students the chance to develop new skills. Oxfam UEA can be found on twitter: @OxfamUEA

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