by Alex Valente

Original Italian by Anna Lamberti Bocconi (1961-), ‘L’affanculite’, which features in the collection Bastarde senza Gloria, published by Sartoria Utopia.

The go-fuck-itselfness of a life
of relais-relax, really quite quiet
when it wants to squirrel away
calmly ticking like a Rolex.
The go-fuck-itselfness of an evening
rusting wreck on the beach
crumbling like cocaine
as it bores the cartilage of hulls.
The go-fuck-itselfness of myself
as I don’t hold what is told me,
no ambitions and my house in ruins,
when all I really want is sleep.
What will I do with all my watching,
of so much luminous incontinence?
Ordinal and cardinal elements just
to sail ships on the four winds?
Glass sweets both dark and light
to throw upon wedding dresses?
Smoke of cigarettes to exhale
as if essence of roses?
What will I do with all my goingness
the go-fuckitis lost in space
dissolving each moment by moment…
What will I do with all I feel?

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