Candidates in the Union of UEA Students 2015 student election were contacted by The Norwich Radical. Responses received by the deadline are presented here, unedited, on an equal platform – candidates are listed in alphabetical order. Manifestos can be found here: www.ueastudent.com/manifestos Voting closes at midday on Friday 13th March. Vote online here: www.ueastudent.com/vote

Why should students support you, in light of The Norwich Radical’s founding statement?

Jo Swo

Many of my policies reflect the Norwich Radical’s founding statement in so far as I want to represent and acknowledge those who have been historically undermined and oppressed, with particular focus on all those who are affected by mental health issues and threatening behavior on nights out.

The Norwich Radical’s values focus on the transparency between peoples and the bringing about of social justice is something I have always been passionate. A few months ago I started my own company Good Night: Norwich, an online community where people can anonymously share the experiences they have had on nights out. This is a safe place that people can turn to when the management will not, or cannot, listen.  With the support of UEA students I will be able to spend the next year not only working with SAAC (Sexual Assault Awareness Campaign) and NeverOK to make campus a safer place, but I will work with the Norwich Council and the connections I have already made, eg. White Ribbon Campaign, to make our city a safer and more transparent place.

In regards to representing the oppressed, mental health is an issue we are only beginning to talk about and recognise. I have recently met with Stephen Messinger, the Head of the Wellbeing Section of UEA, and discussed ways we can make the counseling system more transparent and efficient with an online application form, email updates of applicants place on the waiting list and clearer advertising of the universities mental health facilities.

With students support via their votes, I will use my time as Welfare Officer to continue the fantastic work Holly and Dolly have done, such as the Women’s Caucus and I will create a live blog so students who are passionate about political and social change know how to get directly involved. ​


The Norwich Radical is a publication with values dear to my heart. Politically describing myself as a libertarian socialist, I personally subscribe to the politics of the left and its traditions. In terms of what I would do if elected, and how that would reflect my political ideology, I believe that its readers should support me.I would resist any further attempts to dissociate the Union from the Stop the War Coalition and I would fight to uphold the ban on military advertising in Union House.

I believe in free education and would work to ensure that the Union continues to promote this value and actively campaign for it.

I would seek to improve the provision and promotion of student art on campus. Whether that be in lobbying to allow unrestricted access to the square for unamplified performance or dedicating space in Union House for art to be hung, it is vitally important that our students have as many opportunities to express themselves as possible.I would work in conjunction with the Environment Officer in order to improve our university’s standing in the People and Planet League ranking and would be actively involved in campaigning to get the university to divest from fossil fuels.

I have been actively involved in UEA Pride and UEA Feminist Society over the past year and have contributed to campaigns and protests heavily. As Welfare Officer I would introduce gender neutral sports teams, ensure the Union celebrates non-Christian cultural holidays, lobby the university to stop placing disabled students in inaccessible rooms (such as CD Annex), ensure Union staff have proper training on liberations issues in order to deal with problematic behaviour much more quickly and would seek to conduct a huge body positivity campaign.


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