Candidates in the Union of UEA Students 2015 student election were contacted by The Norwich Radical. Responses received by the deadline are presented here, unedited, on an equal platform – candidates are listed in alphabetical order. Manifestos can be found here: www.ueastudent.com/manifestos Voting closes at midday on Friday 13th March. Vote online here: www.ueastudent.com/vote

Why should students support you, in light of The Norwich Radical’s founding statement?


Students and our education system is under a concerted and relentless attack from government and University managers to shift education into a market, whereby students are treated as consumers and staff are continuously exploited.

Over the past year, I’ve supported and developed a whole bunch of campaigns against this; for a free, accessible and fully funded Higher Education system, for the Living Wage for all University staff and standing side by side with striking workers resisting attacks on their pensions.

For the year ahead, I’ll continue to push on issues like these, in addition to building on the work I’ve been doing around sustainability through lobbying UEA to live up to its reputation as a pioneer of environmental responsibility by improving the sustainability of its operations as well as driving them to remove their existing investments in the Fossil Fuel industry – the very industry responsible for pushing us closer to climate catastrophe.

We can make UEA a better place, not only by fighting these battles, but also by setting up initiatives that put power into students’ hands to stand up against rogue landlords and the dodgy private housing sector. Following on from the great work of students at Edinburgh and Birmingham, why don’t we set up a student run, student owned housing co-op here in Norwich?

We’ve made a lot of headway over the last year, but there’s still plenty more to come. If we could look back in June 2016 and see that UEA pays all its staff the Living Wage, has divested from Fossil Fuels and has its very own student owned housing project, we would be safe in the knowledge that we’d made it a more progressive place. Re-elect Chris Jarvis for Campaigns & Democracy Officer if that’s what you want.


I believe students want to see a change in the way our Union works and how it relates to them. I believe that, over the past few years, the Union has shifted its attention from the students and their needs while at university. Students want to feel included and consulted, they want to see decisions that will affect their daily lives. But at the same time I believe that, as a movement, we should stand for more than that. We need to fight for a living wage for all university staff, not because we get any benefit from it, but because it is the right thing to do. We need to fight to end discrimination on our campus and support the liberation movements now more than ever.

If I get elected as Campaigns and Democracy Officer this week I will be leading these types of campaigns on our campus and in our city. As a student body we cannot be limiting our actions and campaigns to what we perceive to be our own self-interest.

I think students should support me this week because I believe we need to change the way we campaign, both for our members and with our members. We need to be more organised on the ground and pick the campaigns our members want us to conduct because, no matter how strongly we as individuals feel about a particular issue, we have to remember that we are elected to represent the students. We need to uphold the Students’ Union’s values, as well as our own.

This is what I have got to offer this week. Better, more targeted campaigning, with solidarity, social justice and equality at the heart of every campaign we run. If you agree, then I am your man for Campaigns and Democracy!

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