by Thomas French.

Being young sucks. Let’s make that pretty clear, and it’s only getting worse. This Government (and New Labour before it) seems pretty hell bent on making your under 30s just the worst.

Raising the retirement age, destroying public services, increasing tuition fees, cutting EMA and trying their best to make workplaces unsafe, it didn’t seem possible, but this Government led by some lame old white people has made being young worse.

But on the other side, some youth and student led groups are working hard on the fight back, kicking off at these issues and organising to make sure out future isn’t is bleak as those boring Tories want it to be. The Young Greens are leading the way on this, and among other things, we’re asking young people to GET ORGANISED!

GET ORGANISED! is the campaign the Young Greens of England and Wales recently launched at the Autumn Green Party Conference. With a panel led by leading youth leaders from Trade Unions, the NUS and Student Assembly against Austerity.

(Young Greens)

(Young Greens)

The aims of the Campaign are:

  • For Young Green Groups to work more closely with local Trade Unions branches
  • For Young Greens to join Trade Unions

The Young Greens believe in the power of the organised labour movement and feel young people are safer and more empowered in Trade Unions.

The Week of Action

To support the campaign and to show solidarity to local Trade Unions, The Young Greens are calling for a week of Action.

We have 3 actions for Young Green Groups to carry out through the week

  1. Hold a public Meeting with local Trade Unions.
  2. Lobby local Councils to support Public Services.
  3. Run a Recruitment Event in a local Workplace

The Young Greens feel this is a great way for our local groups to roll up their sleeves and show solidarity with active trade unionists on their campuses and in their local area.

We will be calling for greater spending on public services, trying to reverse the damage that has been done in recent years while helping to organise the already fragmented workplaces of 2014.

The week of action will give Young Green groups the chance to build relationships with activists in the organised labour movement by showing our capacity to be a vital campaigning body.

(Young Greens)

For years the Green Party has had great policy on worker rights and support for Trade Unions and we have seen greater support from Trade Unions in return, but we need to build on this. Just having Trade Union friendly policies is not enough, we need to actively stand with Trade Union Activists and demonstrate our ability to see chance in society.

GET ORGANISED! is a firm commitment from the Young Greens of our support for the organised labour movement. We need to make sure our members as supported in the workplace as much as we support our members through the ballot box.

While GET ORGANISED! won’t change how much being young sucks, it does give young people a chance to be part of the fight back, a chance to be the generation that chances society for the better and the Young Greens are leading the way.

For more information on GET ORGANISED! look at their Facebook page, or for more information on the Young Greens look at their website or Facebook.



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