by Alex Valente

Original Italian by Mariangela Gualtieri (1951 -), from ‘Bestia di Gioia’.

They said it was a comet
smashing into the hardness of Earth
that brought water to the rocks
of our planet.

A comet, they said.
A soaring icicle of light
hurled from other stars
to here. And inside it
the law of the species, the formula
of blood and sap
the tone of every voice.

Water is the perfect key
that unlocks wild shapes.
The water we still drink
was once a train of roaming
light. Dazzling freight
in the darkness between worlds.

One thought on “A COMET, THEY SAID

  1. I love thinking of water and how it was once dinosaur pee or a waterfall or a faraway ocean…always fascinated me as a child! Beautiful poem about our wonderful planet.


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