by Dan Swain

Norfolk People’s Assembly will join hundreds of others at a march and rally in support of the July 10th strikes for fair pay in the public sector. Nearly 1.5 million workers across the country will be on strike across 8 different trade unions. In Norwich, workers and supporters will meet at 12 noon in Chapelfield Gardens for a mass march and rally. People’s Assembly supporters will also be visiting picket lines across Norwich, beginning with the Unison picket outside the City Library.

[Millennium Library closed due to strike action! People's Assembly showing solidarity with Unison strikers. Photograph J.McLachlan]

[Millennium Library closed due to strike action! People’s Assembly showing solidarity with Unison strikers. Photograph J.McLachlan]

We want to make the strike rally into a festival of all those affected by and opposed to austerity. Public sector pay is just one aspect of the government’s all-out assault on public services. To take one local example, the HMRC enquiry centre on Prince of Wales Road recently closed, denying people vital advice on tax issues. The government is closing tax offices whilst millions of tax goes uncollected! That could pay for teachers, social workers and fire fighters; instead it lies in the bank accounts of corporations and the rich.

The government has shown time and again it will not listen to the voices of those affected by austerity unless they take action. These strikes are an important part of challenging the government that we can unite around.

Jan McLachlan, Secretary of Norfolk People’s Assembly said “The July 10th strike sees the coming together of union members with various different concerns and issues but all united against the effects on ordinary people of this divisive government’s austerity policies. Norfolk People’s Assembly fully supports this strike and as part of the national People’s Assembly anti-austerity movement, continues to oppose government cuts.”

Dan Swain is the co-press officer for Norfolk People’s Assembly. See their Facebook for updates and pictures throughout the day

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